Know If Suffers If Anxiety Test – Symptoms

Know If Suffers If Anxiety Test – Symptoms

The symptoms of anxiety can manifest at the physical level, such as the feeling of tightness in the chest and tremors or emotional level such as the presence of negative thoughts, worry or fear, for example, and, generally, appear several symptoms at the same time.

These symptoms can arise as much in adults as in children, but the child may have more difficulty to explain what you’re feeling.

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The anxiety lead the person to be unable to perform the tasks of day-to-day, she panics and, by this, it is important to learn to control and, if possible, to treat anxiety, being in some cases necessary to go on the psychiatrist and the psychologist. Here’s how: 7 Tips to controlling Anxiety.


Physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety

Usually people with anxiety feel several of these symptoms at the same time, especially in important moments or when it is necessary to expose other people, such as during the presentation of papers or meetings.

Causes of anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by any reason, since it depends on the importance that the individual gives to a particular situation and can arise in adults or children.

However, the acute anxiety and stress are more common in situations such as the insecurity of the 1st day of work, marriage, family problems or financial commitments, for example, and it is important to identify the cause, to be able to treat, so it doesn’t become chronic anxiety.

In addition, in some situations, the excessive use of social networks such as facebook can also be responsible for causing anxiety, sadness, and malaise. Know what diseases the Facebook can cause by clicking here.


How to control anxiety

To control the anxiety, you can take medicine given by the doctor that help decrease some of the symptoms, in addition to using medicinal plants that have a calming effect and, if necessary, do follow up with the psychologist.

Natural remedies

Some examples of natural remedies that can be used are:

  • Passion fruit juice, since it has soothing properties and anxiolytic;
  • Chamomile teadue to its action soothing;
  • Lettuce, because it helps to relax the muscles and the nervous system. See more food: Food anti-anxiety.
  • Take a warm bath to relax the body;
  • Receive a massage


In addition, techniques such as taking lukewarm baths or get massages in the body help to relax and relieve tension, helping in the treatment. See other examples in: a home Remedy for anxiety.

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