José Martí and Key West

José Martí and Key West

In Key West, the National Apostle of Cuba carried out important work at the forefront of the creation of the Cuban Revolutionary Party that would be in charge of organizing the Necessary War that would put an end to Spanish colonialism in the Greater Antilles. As part of his work in Key West, on December 25, 1891, José Martí gave a speech to the Cuban patriots gathered there:

And here is the medicine, Cubans (…) here is the comfort of the soul, which also becomes sick like the body, and dominated by passion, prostrates or warms up at times, here is the affection of this holy home, that although it is not the legitimate one, that I dream in my fever or delirium, of a definitive justice for my people, it has here its best yeast to raise it and its roots fertilized, with tears so pure and so sincere, like those of this young man and the your. And this affection forces the traveler so much to deserve it, which is already medicine in its nature; and the physical ailment is relieved and his spirits rejuvenate, and he feels double in his joy, and the traveler cannot, in the language of flattery, speak, to whom he has long kept the desire to keep them company: grateful for all that he sees., and without sterile reservations, he must tell you: that he embraces you, with real hope and with the whole soul. But the soul of our people, disintegrated into shreds, walking its nostalgia for cold lands, which lack the fire of our sun and the dignity of our palm, I can say, without fear of being wrong, that its greatest sum gathered, I always saw it, and I feel it more closely now; sometimes with intense pain, others with admiration, but always with respectful recollection, for having created and maintained a number of patriarchs loyal to an idea, within the narrow limits of this Cuban nest: the noble Cayo.

And this conjunction of pain and this perseverance in sacrifice, to live in our own home, raised with friendly hands, weak perhaps, by constant vigilance, but heroic by tenacity in the attacks, whose impulses will be sanctified with the blood of our soldiers. reckless, they will also be compensated, when in the cordial and sincere banquet of the redeemed homeland, cheating us all, manning us, touching our hearts with loyal hands, exulting at having paid and deserved our cover, we take root in pleasant land, the fruitful seed of our life Republican, already constitutive of the environment in our temporary residence abroad.

‘Then, united in love and aspirations, we Cubans will raise homes to the outcasts, with the same generous example that you raise temporary homes and the sublime altar in your consciences, to the sacrifice for the Homeland, which we will bring to the Capitol in triumph.

Notice then, without scrutiny or malicious sagacity, in the looks that surround me all that will and desire that we will have to carry out without a doubt… And this tightening of souls and linking of hearts, full of love and truth, disdaining the passion that could warm us sometime; for advancing very quickly or not anticipating the opportunity, it is an omen of opportunity that is coming, where with benefit and efficiency for all, we can talk to each other, heart to heart, and take each other to a foresight blow, so that it flies to the sky of our destiny, what is energetic and humble about our people, great and sublime: ranks eagles and doves!

Leisure and Tourism

The great American writer, Ernest Hemingway, was a resident of Key West. Today this cozy place, with its distinctive tropical flavor, is a thriving community of artists and a popular destination for tourists. The most famous attraction is the gathering at Mallory Square Pier an hour before sunset and enjoying the performances of street artists as they watch the tropical sun “sink below” the horizon.

According to allpubliclibraries, Key West is a fun, sunny destination with plenty of sights to visit when you’re not snorkeling, parasailing, or sunbathing. Hemingway’s house is a must see, and those interested in military history can also visit the ruins of Fort Zachary Taylor. If you prefer water activities, several companies in the city offer deep sea fishing or diving excursions. In Key West there are 38 hotels and more than 90 hostels, as well as 190 tourist attractions.

José Martí and Key West

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