Jelly Bean Will Reach The Galaxy Lives Inside of Little and Most Possibly Later to SII and Note

With each new version of Android comes the recurrent question: update will my mobile and tablet? It all depends on the manufacturer, some care over this aspect, other not so much. In the case of Samsung at the moment there is nothing official but all indications are that, as expected, Galaxy SIII will update to Jelly Bean and seems to be not the only one who does.

According to SamMobile the Korean company is doing tests on different terminals and Jelly Bean, the latest update to Android, will reach a few models more apart from the flagship quad-core. The chosen ones: Samsung Galaxy SII and Samsung Galaxy Note. Two phones that have worked very well.

In the case of the SIII is almost all done. The update has been tested and works perfectly for what just polishing little details in the public version and send a copy to Google to start distributing it. Your departure date: end of the third quarter, beginning of the fourth.

The situation is similar for IBS and the Galaxy Note. In both the relevant tests are being and for now it seems that everything is going well. You have to do more checks, but according to SamMobile in principle there is no reason that both are not updated. If this is the case, both models will receive a value pack. Taking into account that the two models have sold very well I do not think that they neglect it. Out: end of year.

At the moment this information are only seepage collected by SamMobile. It is not information published through official channels so We put the label of rumors until the Korean, possibly in IFA, give more details of its plans for updates to these models.