Jazztel Launches New Rates with 1000 Minutes with and without Data

The MVNO market is probably the least rests, with a lot of actors, some more active than others, and today it is the turn for the movement in Jazztel, It launches two new rates, something obsolete from the first day.

New rates calls and browse 1000 included, as not, 1000 minutes calls to fixed or mobile, in addition to 500 mb navigation to maximum speed by 51.95 EUR monthly, or 1 Gb for 56.95 EUR per month.

You can say well that These rates are stillborn Since at this point, when we already have rates with calls “ unlimited ” for about 30 euros a month that someone, and more a virtual operator, launch a rate with 1000 minutes at this price, it is somewhat redundant.

Jazztel also offers the possibility of contracting this option without bonus data, by lowering your monthly price to the 44.95 EUR. In either case, if consumed 1000 included in these calls would be paid five cents per minute over the usual 0.15 euros of call set-up.

These rates as many others of the operator offers a 20% discount for three months for hiring online without subsidized terminal, which can be accessed by clients that have the same operator ADSL.