Innovative Boxershorts Against Farther Smell

There are moments when you want some other people to wear this new invention. The talk is of an innovative underwear from England called “Shreddies”, the Furtzgerüche simple man or woman simply filters. How the innovative boxershorts and panties of the inventor Paul O’Leary function shows this article.

Shreddies – Innovative Underwear Against FurtzgerÜChe

Who does not know the situation. One stands in an elevator and another person farts. Maybe you hear the Furtz, maybe not. In any case you notice a strange smell at the latest after a few seconds. It is a Furtz. Of course, the person who did not have a word to speak, but this will surely be very unpleasant. It would have been better if the person had carried “Shreddies”, then the silent Furtz would not have noticed any more. The innovative boxershorts and panties which there are for man and woman gives “shred” the Furtzgeruch simply away according to

The functionality of the breathable underwear is based on a carbon fabric, which directly filters the odor directly like a gas mask. After the underwear is fully washed you have to wash them only to clean the ultra-thin filter, which is located in the Pobereich. The new high-tech underwear was recently presented at the 86th edition of the Textile Institute World Congress.