HTC HD2 Gets Jelly Bean Demonstrating That The Community Can Handle It All

It is not a terminal that is designed specifically for Android, in fact, it is not even a next-generation smartphone. However, the HTC HD2 It can boast of being one of the more long-lived devices that is remembered, something that should almost entirely thanks to the community, not happy with putting horns on Windows Mobile now has achieved carry no less than the latest version Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean, the beast of HTC.

New development is carried out by the experts of XDA-developers, community where the majority of these projects, are cooked and although still cannot be said to be a fully functional ROM, if it is able to start and perform basic functions.

Obviously, and counting the Jelly Bean source code makes a few days being in the street, expect a huge improvement for the next few weeks. In addition, to encourage the subject, the creator of the port It says that it will continue to work in the development, so we can make sure that the HTC HD2 will receive 4.1 Android Jelly Bean to rejuvenate again.

The ROM now is available account with almost full connectivity, with possibility to make calls, send SMS or make data connections and use WiFi. On the other hand, still does not work the camera, internet or Google Now browser.

If you want to follow the developments first-hand or directly test ROM, you have the link to the project of XDA-developers in the source of this article.