How to Get to Turin, Italy

How to Get to Turin, Italy

There are few direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Turin; rare charters are organized by the Es Seven airline. A four-hour one-way flight in economy class for residents of both capitals will cost from 117 EUR. With transfers in Munich, Rome, Amsterdam and other cities, Lufthansa, KLM, Alitalia, Air France and others fly, on the way – from 5 hours to a day. Connecting flights from major Russian cities are offered by Air Moldova, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia and Air Baltic, the travel time depends on the airport of departure – from 7 to 30 hours.

According to ehangzhou, Milan is a two-hour drive from Turin, with which Russia is connected by regular direct flights. Almost every day, planes of the Pobeda low-cost airline fly from Moscow, the flight will take 3.5 hours.

From airport to city

You can get from the air gates of Turin to the center in 40-50 minutes by the Sadem shuttle bus (off. site in English). It follows to the railway station with stops. Ticket price when buying via the Internet or at the box office – 6.50 EUR, from the driver – 7.5 EUR, for holders of the Torino Piemonte Card tourist card – 5 EUR.

A more budget option is GTT trains. They depart from the airport and arrive at the Dora station in the center in 25 minutes. Tickets worth 2 EUR are sold at vending machines, tobacco and newsstands. A taxi will take you in 15-20 minutes and 30-40 EUR.

Between Milan and Turin, trains and high-speed express trains of the Italian Railways run (off. site), depart from the Central Station. Tickets costing from 10 EUR can be bought at the box office.


Turin has a well-developed public transport system. A railway line runs from the airport through the center, along which GTT trains run. However, tourists and locals use them only as an alternative to buses and the subway – the latter run regularly, getting from one point to another is not difficult. 100 bus and 8 tram routes have been laid in the city and its environs, and a subway line runs from west to northeast. So far, it is only one, but the authorities plan to build more. The Turin metro is fully automated; you will not meet either drivers or controllers in the subway. At the same time, the train rarely has to wait longer than 6, and at peak hours – 2 minutes.

All modes of transport are valid single tickets. The most budget one will cost 1.50 EUR – 90 minutes with an unlimited number of transfers. There are also travel cards for 2 and 3 days – 7.50 and 10 EUR, respectively. Those who plan to move around the city a lot should pay attention to the travel card for 15 trips for 17.50 EUR. They are sold at the box office of railway stations, tobacco shops, newsstands and offices of travel companies.

Buses run from 05:00 to 23:00, the metro runs from 04:45 to 00:00. On weekends and holidays, there are night routes from Piazza Vittorio Veneto from 0:30 to 5:00.

There are taxi ranks at Turin Airport and near popular attractions. If necessary, the car can be caught on the street. A trip within the city will cost 20-35 EUR.

  • Center of Turin

Turin Hotels

In Turin, comfortable hotels of different “star” are adjacent to budget hostels. The best 4* and 5* hotels are located in the city center, near museums, historical and architectural monuments. The price of a double room is 204-329 EUR per day.

Those who want to save money should pay attention to the most budget option – hostels near train stations and transport interchanges – 44 EUR per day per bed.

Near the railway stations for 60-90 EUR for two per night, you can stay in a “three” or “four”. Rest here overshadows the strong noise from trains and car traffic. An alternative option is private mini-hotels in the historical center. In many of them, the owners keep restaurants.

The cost of accommodation in a hostel and guesthouse depends on its location. In the center, a bed in a common room costs 65 EUR. For the same money, they offer double accommodation in 2 * hotels on the outskirts, for example, in the Lingotto area.

Rent a Car

Traveling in a rented car in Turin is inconvenient. Many monuments and museums are located in ZTL zones, where entry by cars is prohibited at all or at certain hours. You will have to leave the car in the parking lot at the ZTL border, and then walk or take a taxi. You can drive into the restricted area if your hotel is located there. A car will come in handy when traveling to the suburbs of Turin or neighboring Milan, Rome, Genoa. Excellent Italian roads are also suitable for long journeys. There are no serious traffic jams, but in the morning and evening rush hours, roads within the city are loaded by 40-50%.

Most parking lots in the city are paid – 1.3-2.50 EUR per hour, but there are also free ones. The former are marked in blue, the latter in white. Parking tickets are sold at parking meters or GTT kiosks. Car rental services in Turin are provided by most of the major international companies (Sixt, Avis, Europcar). You can book a car at the offices of the city and the airport or via the Internet. Deposit upon registration – 500-1000 EUR.

Turin Hotels

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