How to Deal With the Hysteria

How to Deal With the Hysteria

Hysteria is a psychological disorder characterized by headache, shortness of breath, feeling faint and nervous tic, for example, and is more frequent in people who suffer from generalized anxiety.

People with hysteria do not normally have control of your emotions, and it is important to consult a psychologist so that it can be started a suitable treatment to relieve the symptoms of hysteria, and improve the quality of life.

How to identify the hysteria


The symptoms of hysteria usually arise in periods of stress or anxiety, and there may be difficulty breathing, amnesia, nervous tic, loss of control of one’s emotions, headache, and feeling faint, for example. Learn to recognize the symptoms of hysteria.

Thus, to avoid the symptoms of hysteria come back often, it is recommended to consult a psychologist to do a prolonged treatment that helps to develop ways of dealing with moments of stress, without any symptoms.

How is it treated

The treatments most commonly used for hysteria include:


  • Psychotherapy, which is done in the office of the psychologist through the conversations that help the patient to find ways to relieve stress and anxiety without developing symptoms;
  • Physical therapy, which helps alleviate the consequences of some of the symptoms of hysteria, such as decrease in muscle strength due to paralysis frequent;
  • Remedies for anxiety:some medicines such as Alprazolam and Pregabalin may be prescribed by a psychiatrist to help relieve the feeling of constant anxiety, avoiding bouts of stress that can lead to the emergence of symptoms of hysteria.

In addition, when these techniques do not present the expected results, the doctor may also recommend doing brain stimulation with small shocks to change the chemical processes of the brain and prevent excess stress. All of these techniques can be used separately or in combination with each other, depending on the patient’s symptoms and of the results achieved.

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