Homens Gostam Mais De Dormir Nus, Revela Inquérito

When it’s time to go to sleep, pajamas are the most commonly used pieces of clothing for the American population. At least these are the findings of a telephone survey conducted by the ABC News television network in 2004 that had more than 1501 participants.

But between each gender, what does each person choose to wear at bedtime? The contrasts are visible, since women turn out to be more traditional than men in the choice of attire.

The male seems to have a consensus on what to wear at bedtime: either he chooses underwear (31%) or chooses to sleep completely naked (31%). Then comes the choice of shorts / t-shirts, with 21%, and lastly, the famous pajamas, which gathered only 13% of respondents’ votes, reveals The Atlantic website.

The women’s favorite piece of clothing for sleeping is the traditional nightwear or pajamas, which won 55% of the answers, while shorts / t-shirts appear in second place (25%).Unlike men, women do not seem to like sleeping very much without clothes, since this is the option that has the lowest percentage among respondents (14%).

A more recent telephone survey conducted in 2012 reveals that it’s not just Americans who like to sleep without clothes after all. According to data released by the National Sleep Foundation, the English (30%) and the Canadians (14%) follow the same example of Americans preferring to sleep as they came into the world.

The Germans and Japanese, in turn, are the most traditional and conservative, with pajamas being their piece of clothing of choice when it comes to resting, with 84% 91% respectively.