Hi Month’s Account Does Not Appear on My Oi!

The phone operator Hi does not tire of surprising me negatively. In my view, which has been easy to sustain, service is generally so poor in all respects that when something works as it should I already think it is momentary. This has happened with the quality of the signal and now with the site MyOi. Unfortunately, Oi is the worst phone service I know.

Hi Month’s Account Does Not Appear on My Oi!

The signal quality issue refers to the fact that there was a week in January that the service worked well, with clear links and no hang-ups in the middle of the conversations, no cross-lines and everything. But it was “straw fire” and now it’s all bad again. I’m tired of talking to my contacts: “come on … I’ll call you again to see if it improves.” And it’s not the place where I live, I can be anywhere in the city that this happens at some point.

Now the problem is with the site My Hi , which would theoretically be a place for you to track your spending and see your account. The first month worked relatively well. The bill appeared there 2 days before maturity, but it was no problem to delay because it arrived earlier in the mail. I joined my Hello and there was an option to register the account Hi in automatic debit with the argument of sustainability that several companies use today, to save paper and still gave 10 reais of discount in the following account. It also informed that the account would no longer be sent printed and would be available on the site and I would be advised via SMS on the date that I could consult the account.

Even though I thought it was too good to be true and technically complex to run by Oi, I registered the account in the automatic debit and deleted the paper submission.

Result? There was a debt in my checking account, I did not receive the account by paper and even after the expiration of the account, which was yesterday, the account Hi of the month DOES NOT APPEAR in My Hi! I paid something without knowing if it is correct and I have not been able to see my mobile account data until today! Ahh, and by the value of the bill, NO PROMISE DISCOUNT CAME! Oi saves when you no longer have to issue the account and does not give the discount offered on the site.

Yes … there is the number and it appears very discreetly below the My Hi site . It’s the 0800 644 0358! I already called discredited and after 2 equal and time-consuming messages saying that the help was only for questions about the functioning of the site, I was attended to and hung up. This occurred more than 3x when calling the service number. I could even hear conversations in the background within 2 seconds before the connection was turned off. Ridiculous treatment for a client who NEVER stopped paying any bills on time! I do not know what to do! I can not talk to people (only with the URA) in the Oi attendance and I can not see my account or reactivate the paper submission in the My Oi site. I can only cancel the automatic debit in the bank and see what will happen.

Do not fall for the automatic debit tale Hi ! How can I trust that this will work if everything else in Oi does not work right?

It’s unbelievable how the help desk of a service website that must have thousands of hits a day has no one to answer and hangs in your face! I’ve already been very angry in the past to activate 3G on Oi and now I’m again getting stressed out with Oi Conta. No matter whether it is business or individual, the service provided by Oi has been very bad for me.

If you have ever had a problem with Oi, please review this text and tell us what happened to you!