Happy Mobile Launches a Bonus Calls to Landlines and Mobiles in Spain, Great Britain, France and Germany

We are accustomed to rates that include a bonus a certain amount of minutes to call within our borders but Happy Mobile, the virtual operator of Phone House covering Orange, dares with a bond that breaks with this tradition.

The operator Returns to its origins, When he focused mainly on offering attractive rates to call abroad at the expense of the national tariffs, and released a bonus to call several European countries.

The new rate Talks about Mini 9 offers 80 minutes calls to fixed and mobile French, English, German and Spanish in Exchange for nine euro monthly fee. National calls out the bonus are priced at eight cents per minute more establishment of call while governing the international rates by country.

This rate may interest both to call out as in our country include national and international calls, something quite rare among the Spanish operators. Talks about Mini 9 does not require an additional minimum consumption nor commitment to stay and can be hired on the website of the operator.