Greene County, New York Demographics

Greene County, New York Demographics

Greene County, New York is located in the southeastern corner of the state, just south of Albany. It is bordered by Ulster County to the north, Delaware County to the east, Schoharie County to the west, and Columbia County to the south. The county covers an area of approximately 577 square miles and its population is estimated at 49,000 people.

The geography of Greene County consists mostly of rolling hills and valleys with several rivers running through it. The highest point in Greene County is Hunter Mountain which rises over 4100 feet above sea level. The terrain also includes several small lakes and ponds scattered throughout the county providing numerous recreational opportunities such as fishing and hiking.

According to ITYPEUSA.COM, the climate in Greene County is temperate with warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from a low of 20 degrees Fahrenheit in January to a high of 79 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Precipitation levels are generally moderate throughout the year with an average annual rainfall of about 41 inches.

Due to its rural setting and relatively small population size, Greene County has a very low crime rate compared to other counties in New York State. The population is primarily white (about 90%) with a small minority population made up mainly of African Americans (4%), Asians (2%), Native Americans (1%) and other races (3%).

Greene County offers a beautiful natural environment combined with a safe atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. With its mild climate, abundant outdoor activities, rural setting and friendly people – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this place home.

Greene County, New York

Economy of Greene County, New York

Greene County, New York has a diverse and vibrant economy which is closely tied to its natural resources and tourism industry. The county’s total estimated GDP was $2.8 billion in 2019, with the largest sectors being healthcare, retail trade, and manufacturing.

Agriculture is a major industry in Greene County and the region produces a wide variety of crops including apples, grapes, cherries, corn, potatoes, onions and other vegetables. There are also several dairy farms in the area which produce milk for local dairies as well as for sale nationally.

The tourism industry is also an important part of Greene County’s economy due to its numerous attractions such as historic sites like Olana State Historic Site or Thomas Cole National Historic Site. The county is also home to numerous outdoor activities such as hiking trails at Kaaterskill Falls or skiing at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort. These attractions help draw tourists from around New York State as well as from out-of-state visitors looking for a fun getaway.

Manufacturing is another significant part of Greene County’s economy with major employers including International Paper Company and Graham Packaging Corporation. Both these companies employ hundreds of people in the area providing good quality jobs with competitive wages and benefits.

Greene County has a strong economy which is driven by its diverse industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing to tourism. With its abundance of natural resources and attractive attractions – it’s no wonder why this region continues to be one of New York State’s premier destinations.

Libraries in Greene County, New York

According to babyinger, Greene County, New York is home to a number of libraries that serve the needs of its residents. There are five public library systems in the county, including the Catskill Library System, Greene County Public Library, Hudson Valley Community College Library, and SUNY Ulster Library. Each library offers a variety of services such as books and other media for checkout, computer access for research and study, programs for children and adults alike, and much more.

The Catskill Library System is one of the largest public libraries in Greene County with branches located in Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie-Athens, Greenville-Athens, Hunter-Tannersville and Windham. This system offers an extensive collection of books and other media as well as access to online databases for research purposes. The library also provides programs such as story time for children or book clubs for adults.

The Greene County Public Library is another popular library system in the region with branches located in Athens-Catskill, Cairo-Durham-Greenville (CDG), Jewett City (JC), Prattsville (PV) and Windham (WN). This library has a wide selection of materials available including books on various topics like history or science fiction as well as magazines and newspapers. It also provides computers with internet access to help patrons stay connected to the world outside their local community.

The Hudson Valley Community College Library serves students at this college but is open to all members of the public too. It has an extensive collection of materials on various topics from business management to art history which can be checked out by anyone who is a registered user at this institution. Additionally, it provides computers with internet access so that people can do research or complete assignments related to their studies at this college.

Finally, SUNY Ulster’s library serves both its students as well as members from the community who wish to use its services or resources available there. It offers an array of materials like books on different subjects or magazines related to current events plus computers with internet access so that users can conduct research or complete assignments related to their studies at this college institution too.

Greene County boasts some great libraries which provide a variety of services such as book checkout along with computer usage for research purposes – all available free of charge.

Landmarks in Greene County, New York

Greene County, New York is home to some of the most stunning natural and man-made landmarks in the region. From breathtaking mountain peaks to historic buildings, Greene County has something for everyone.

The Catskill Mountains are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking trails, scenic views, and plenty of opportunities for nature appreciation. The highest peak in the Catskills is Hunter Mountain at 4,040 feet above sea level. This peak provides a stunning view of the surrounding area and serves as a popular destination for hikers and climbers alike.

For those looking to experience some local history, there are several sites of interest throughout Greene County. The Thomas Cole National Historic Site is located in Catskill Village and commemorates the life and works of Thomas Cole – one of America’s first great landscape painters. Nearby is the Kaaterskill Falls – a two-tiered waterfall that cascades into a magnificent pool beneath it. This site has been featured in many paintings by Hudson River School artists like Thomas Cole himself.

Greene County also offers plenty of attractions that can be enjoyed year-round. One such attraction is Zoom Flume Water Park which features several water slides, pools, and other activities for all ages to enjoy during warmer months. During winter months, Greene County transforms into a winter wonderland with ski resorts like Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl offering downhill skiing and snowboarding activities as well as snowshoeing trails for those who prefer a more leisurely pace during their visit to Greene County.

Finally, no visit to Greene County would be complete without exploring its quaint towns where visitors can find charming shops selling locally made goods or sample some delicious regional cuisine at one of its many restaurants or cafes. These small towns offer something unique that cannot be found anywhere else in New York State – making them an ideal destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.

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