Google Drive Prepares Farewell to Android 4.0 and Adds Some Improvements

Update 2.4.311.34 Google drive is currently spreading in Google Play. If your phone uses a version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich or earlier, treasure it, will be the latest update receive compatible with your phone. From here you’re left to your own devices: maybe you still running for years, or maybe Google does some major change in Google Drive and the client breaks completely.

It is not the only change introduced in this update, which also follows in the footsteps of the web version which received a light refreshment in its appearance in recent days. Perhaps the most important change is the possibility of adding shortcuts to files and folders on the mobile. Other changes are the notifications for comments and the possibility of buying more storage space directly from the application.

How to create shortcuts

Despite being one of the main innovations, we must recognize that the option is somewhat hidden. While we would expect to find the button somewhere in the context menu for files and folders… surprise!, there is not.

Instead you must create a widget Google drive, where the already existing Drive and Drive Scan now joins Drive Shortcut. When choosing it opens a window where you can browse the folders of Google Drive to choose What file or folder want to add the shortcut.

Google DriveVaría depending on the device

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