Golfing in Arizona

Golfing in Arizona


They are among the best new golf courses in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona: Business-minded Indians have built high-quality golf courses in the vast landscapes of their areas by renowned architects and well-known golf greats.

According to simplyyellowpages, in addition to the best playing opportunities, magnificent views and luxurious amenities, golfers in Arizona can look forward to an insight into the memorable history of the Indians, their culture and the beauty of their lands. The We-Ko-Pa Golf Club (website) on Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Reservation appears like a tribute by its designers Scott Miller and Douglas Fredrikson to the original residents of the country.

Fountain Hills

Located in Fountain Hills, east of Scottsdale, it appeals with its fascinating views of the four mountain ranges that frame it and the unspoilt desert vegetation. The fairways of the par 72 course have a total length of 7,875 meters and are generously laid out so that players of all classes can hit and putt at a high level. The clubhouse is entirely in Indian style, with lots of wood, natural stones and Indian art objects. The American magazine Sports Illustrated even voted We-Ko-Pa Golf Club one of the ten best new golf clubs in the USA at the end of 2001.

Gila River Indian Community

The Gila River Indian Community south of Phoenix combines the rich cultural heritage of its region with the two tournament-ready golf courses of the Whirlwind Golf Club (website). Located around a luxurious, Indian-style spa hotel, it belongs to the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, which opened on October 1, 2002. The Devil’s Claw Course is a prime example of a course for players of all handicap levels, which nevertheless guarantees the highest level of playful sophistication and fairness. The fairways have a total length of 7,648 meters. They are located on the original course of the artificially rebuilt Gila River and are embedded between saguaro cacti, desert bushes and shady poplars. The neighboring Cattail Course will be completed in autumn 1992 and is integrated between hills, deep canyons and clear lakes in which water features dance.

Apache Stronghold Golf Club

The Apache Stronghold Golf Club (website) in the San Carlos Apache reservation was built on historic land of the Indians. The ancient Apaches could move almost invisibly between their enemies in this area, so dense is the desert flora. The golf course is an addition to the Apache Gold Casino Resort and is characterized by its mountainous landscape. Many fairways are located in their own small valleys, surrounded by hills up to 15 meters high. Golf architect Tom Doak has tried to leave the surrounding nature largely untouched and to adapt his golf course to the landscape. In this way, 14 archaeological sites could be integrated into the unique space.


On March 28, 2007, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the world’s highest free-floating viewing platform, opened on Grand Canyon West in the Hualapai Indian region.

1,200 meters above the Colorado River, which has washed the canyon out of the rock over millions of years, there is a semicircular walkway with a glass floor that protrudes 21 meters into the gorge. 120 people can enter the platform at the same time, the Skywalk is open from sunrise to sunset. Access is initially provisional via a tunnel until the visitor center is completed.

Each module of the 5.5 cm thick glass balcony weighs almost 600 kg and consists of 5 panes one on top of the other, each with a transparent, tear-proof film in between. If a pane splinters, the foil should prevent it from breaking through. The 482 to heavy structure is anchored with 8 steel girders in the stone rock, 250 to counterweights stabilize the Skywalk. Earthquakes up to strength 7 and wind gusts up to 180 km / h should be withstood without damage.

Events on 560 square meters

On 560 square meters there is a museum, a cinema, a VIP lounge, shops, conference rooms, restaurants and bars on 3 floors. The highlight is the Skywalk Cafe, a restaurant with a roof terrace directly on the abyss of the Grand Canyon.

At the Eagle Point viewpoint, which is next to the Skywalk, there is an Indian Village, which offers visitors the opportunity to gain an insight into the life of 5 Indian tribes resident in the region through self-explanatory tours. Representatives of the Hualapai, Havasupai, Navajo, Plains and Hopi Indians have built authentic dwellings for their respective people here, each made exclusively from materials from their homeland.

Westerns, horses, covered wagon rides

A Hualapai ranch offers typical western performances, horse rides, covered wagon rides and barbecues around an open fire. Of course there is also a handicraft market and an amphitheater offers Indian dances and other cultural events. The Hualapai tribe has about 2,000 members and the reservation is in Peach Springs, Arizona. The tribe owns around 400 acres of land in the Grand Canyon and sees themselves as protectors of their land. Grand Canyon West is located approximately 200 km east of Las Vegas (Nevada) and 115 km northwest of Kingman (Arizona).

Golfing in Arizona

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