Gmail Will Support Soon Post with Design ‘Responsive’ So Is Suit Best to Your Screen

The email. Again and again we hear that that e-mail was dead, but whenever I open my Gmail account and check her vital signs, and body temperature seems to be still well alive, and without any intention of going anywhere.

One thing is undeniable, the email is already doing something more (aged 40, which in technology is an eternity and a half) and is not fully prepared for today’s times where the same queries your mail in a 40-inch screen 4 K in a tablet of 8 or 4 phone. Web leads already time fighting this problem by designing ‘responsive’ – i.e., that adapts to the available space – but the e-mail still anchored in the past. Maybe not for long.

Google has come to us that support for design ‘responsive’ will come to Gmail on the web and in applications end of month, and we can not except pleased in this respect. That Yes, keeps cava for now because it is not as simple as pressing a button and that all mail be perfectly adapted to your mobile: it is necessary that they are designed and specially formatted, and will cost to make the standard as he is an effort extra.

The problem

When designing an email usually uses a PC, and although the minimum consideration be taken so that the same design does not look too bad on a small screen, the result sometimes what gets is that it does not convince on any devices: large or small.

Same mail on Android and PC: quite acceptable although catches are very small in the mobile

The example above is a good example of where a same design may give of themselves in a mobile phone and a PC without using Adaptive design. It is quite acceptable, but it’s nothing compared with what the responsive design is able to create.

The solution

The solution, at least for now until a us think better, is to design emails as we design web pages with CSS style sheets that include different instructions depending on conditions for example hiding an element to resize if the screen has a minimum size.

In practice, the support of responsive design in Gmail should bring us emails more beautiful and better adapted to our device, although still missing who designed them are encouraged to make use of these new and powerful tools at your disposal.


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