Get to Know the Meaning of the Colors in Color Therapy

Get to Know the Meaning of the Colors in Color Therapy

Chromotherapy, also known as the therapy of colors, is an alternative therapy where they use the basic colors such as black, blue, red, black or white to help in the treatment of certain diseases.

In color therapy each color has vibration capabilities and the specific therapeutic, which help the patient to know and explore the interior, influencing the nervous system in accordance with the objectives of the treatment.

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The color black is linked with death and with mourning. For this reason this is the color that is used to help treat the depression and the negative energies, helping to decrease the mental and physical exhaustion.


The color blue has soothing properties and tranquilizers, which act on the nervous system and the entire muscular system. So, the blue is used for the treatment of sleep problems and insomnia or problems related to stress, helping to bring calm and harmony to the body. In addition, the blue is also indicated for the treatment of problems of communication.


Red is the color that increases energy, vitality and adrenaline. In color therapy red is used to restore vitality, to improve the functioning of the heart and activate blood circulation. In addition, the color red is also associated with passion and sexuality.



The yellow is the colour that stimulates the intellect and stimulates the central nervous system. In color therapy this color contributes to enhancing creativity and improving mood, helping also in the treatment of bone problems. In addition, this color can also be used by people quiet and introverted, who want to have a good interpersonal relationship.


Green is the color that helps to promote internal balance and help reduce stress. In chromotherapy, the green has an action refreshing and calming, helping to promote the physical and mental well being. In addition, this color also helps to stimulate immunity, being indicated to help combat infectious diseases.

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