Gboard 6.2 Beta Includes a Resizable Keyboard, Rounded Buttons and More Changes

The changes introduced by Google in Hangouts or Allo are not too impressive for some time, but on the contrary the Gboard team seems to be much more motivated. Thus, this keyboard newcomer to Android (in quotes) can fight a duel to face with large as SwiftKey.

If a few weeks ago we saw how came the simultaneous translator, the suggestion of GIF, Doodles, and more, with the 6.2 beta Google introduced the “floating” keyboard repositionable and resizable, a small redesign for the keys so they are more rounded and buttons for copy and paste.

Keyboard repositionable

Say that Gboard includes a floating keyboard maybe would pass, as though it is floating – somehow – continues to do so within the area designated by Android keyboard. I.e., you can resize and move it to position it where you want, but will follow enclosed “in the box”. This is probably more a limitation of the system that the optimal behavior, but it’s something.

To test it, get a touch in the send key and touch the floating button of the hand. Here you will find three tools, one to maximize the keyboard (the normal behavior), another to change the alignment to one side and another, and one new, for resize the keyboard. After playing you can resize and move it around the screen to locate it where most suits you.

Rounded buttons

There are who prefer keys with edges rounded, who prefer the blocky buttons and really no matter who much one way or another. Google is not very convinced about what is best, so the keys with corners square have gone to the rounded, more iOS keyboard style.

You will only notice the difference if you use edges

If you used the keys with edges (this option is in Gboard settings – themes, choose a theme to apply), the edges will become automatically rounded. If you don’t use edges, you will not see any change.


As you have probably seen in the screenshots above, there are also some changes in buttons. Next to the button to change the language Google Translate button sometimes appears, but it is not the only change. Touching on the characteristic the G icon will find a menu that never stops growing and now includes a special menu for control of the cursor and Clipboard.

The button itself is not very descriptive. It’s a letter I with arrows on either side, symbolizing the cursor control. To the touch, a special keyboard opens with cursors for all directions and any extra button for Paste from the Clipboard.

This update is already available in Google Play for those who are signed up to the beta of the Gboard. If this is not your case, nothing prevents you download the APK and install it (or quickly sign up for the beta).

Gboard – Googlevaria keyboard depending on the device

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