Frederick County, Maryland Demographics

Frederick County, Maryland Demographics

According to babyinger, Frederick County, Maryland is located in the northern part of the state and is a part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metropolitan area. It is bordered by Montgomery County to the south, Carroll County to the west, Adams County to the east, and Washington County to the north. Frederick County covers an area of 667 square miles and has a population of 243,737 according to 2020 estimates.

The county has a varied topography with rolling hills in the east and flat plains in the west. The climate is humid continental with hot summers and cold winters. Average summer temperatures range from 70°F to 80°F while average winter temperatures range from 30°F to 40°F. Precipitation levels vary throughout the year but are typically highest during summer months. Snowfall can be significant during winter months, especially in higher elevations of Frederick County.

The county’s population is diverse with a majority being Caucasian (81%), followed by African American (10%), Hispanic or Latino (4%), Asian (3%) and other races (2%). The median age of residents in Frederick County is 38 years old and almost half of all residents are married couples with children under 18 years old living at home. The median household income for Frederick County was $87,854 in 2019 which was higher than both Maryland’s median income ($79,942) as well as US’s median income ($68,703).

Frederick County, Maryland

Economy of Frederick County, Maryland

Frederick County, Maryland has a strong and diverse economy. The county’s main industries are professional services, health care, education, retail trade, and government. Agriculture is also an important part of the economy in Frederick County. The county produces dairy products as well as fruits and vegetables such as apples, corn, soybeans, and wheat.

The county has a strong labor force with a total of 131,485 people employed in 2019 according to estimates from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The largest employers in Frederick County include Fort Detrick (federal government), Frederick Memorial Hospital (health care), Hood College (education), Leidos Biomedical Research (professional services) and Weis Markets (retail trade).

In terms of economic output, Frederick County had a gross domestic product of $12 billion in 2018 according to the US Census Bureau. This was higher than both Maryland’s GDP ($490 billion) as well as United States’ GDP ($20 trillion). The unemployment rate in Frederick County was 3% in 2019 which was lower than both Maryland’s unemployment rate (3.7%) as well as US’s unemployment rate (3.5%).

The median household income for Frederick County was $87,854 in 2019 which was higher than both Maryland’s median income ($79,942) as well as US’s median income ($68,703). In terms of poverty levels, 7% of people aged 18 or over were living below poverty level in 2019 which was lower than both Maryland’s poverty rate (9%) and US’s poverty rate (11%).

Overall, the economy of Frederick County appears to be healthy with low unemployment rates and high incomes compared to state and national averages.

Education in Frederick County, Maryland

According to TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA, Frederick County, Maryland is home to a variety of educational opportunities. The county is served by the Frederick County Public Schools system which consists of 27 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, 9 high schools and 1 career and technology center. The school system also provides a number of alternative education programs such as the Frederick County Virtual Academy and the Home Instruction Program.

According to US News & World Report, three of Frederick County’s high schools are ranked in the top 10 in the state with Urbana High School being ranked number one. In terms of higher education, there are several universities and colleges located within the county including Hood College, Frederick Community College, Mount St Mary’s University and University of Maryland Global Campus – Hagerstown.

In terms of educational performance, students in Frederick County scored higher than both state and national averages on standardized tests such as the SATs and ACTs. In 2019, the average SAT score for students in Frederick County was 1222 compared to 1112 for Maryland’s students and 1059 for US students. The average ACT score for students in Frederick County was 25 compared to 22 for Maryland’s students and 20 for US students.

Overall, education in Frederick County appears to be strong with high performing public schools as well as several universities and colleges located within the county providing quality education options for its residents.

Landmarks in Frederick County, Maryland

According to a2zdirectory, Frederick County, Maryland is home to many interesting and unique landmarks. One of the most iconic landmarks in the county is the National Museum of Civil War Medicine which is located in downtown Frederick and offers visitors a fascinating look at the medical advancements made during the American Civil War.

Other historic sites in Frederick County include Monocacy National Battlefield which commemorates the Battle of Monocacy fought on July 9th, 1864, as well as Fort Detrick, a former US Army medical research center.

The county also boasts several natural wonders such as Cunningham Falls State Park which features a 78-foot cascading waterfall. Gambrill State Park and Catoctin Mountain Park are also popular destinations for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Cultural attractions can be found throughout Frederick County with many museums, art galleries and performing arts venues located within its borders. The Weinberg Center for the Arts hosts a variety of performances ranging from music concerts to theatrical productions while nearby Brunswick Railroad Museum showcases artifacts from Frederick’s rich railroad history.

No visit to Frederick County would be complete without exploring its vibrant downtown area which features numerous restaurants, shops and art galleries tucked away inside its historic streets. The city also hosts several annual festivals such as Middletown Valley Wine Festival and Summerfest each year that draw thousands of visitors from all over Maryland and beyond.

Overall, Frederick County is home to an array of fascinating landmarks that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. From stunning natural wonders to historic sites and cultural attractions, this charming county offers something for everyone.

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