Franklin County, Massachusetts Demographics

Franklin County, Massachusetts Demographics

Franklin County, located in western Massachusetts, is known for its lush green hills and stunning mountain views. It is bordered by Berkshire County to the west, Hampshire County to the east, Worcester County to the south and Vermont to the north. The county seat is Greenfield and other main towns include Deerfield, Montague, Northfield and Shelburne.

The geography of Franklin County is very diverse with rolling hills in the western part of the county and mountains in the eastern part. The highest peak in Franklin County is Mount Greylock which stands at an elevation of 3491 feet. The county also features numerous rivers such as Deerfield River, Green River and Connecticut River which all flow through it.

According to ITYPEUSA.COM, the weather in Franklin County ranges from cold winters with snowfall to mild summers with occasional thunderstorms. Average temperatures range from a low of 19°F (-7°C) during winter months to a high of 84°F (29°C) during summer months. Rainfall averages around 45 inches (114 cm) annually with snowfall averaging around 40 inches (102 cm).

The population of Franklin County was estimated at 70,907 as of 2019 according to US Census Bureau data. The majority of residents are Caucasian (86%) followed by African American (8%), Asian (2%) and Hispanic or Latino (3%). About 81% of people living here are over 18 years old and 48% are married couples and 13% are single parents with children under 18 years old living at home.

Franklin County offers a unique combination of natural beauty along with its rich history which makes it an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway or an adventure-packed vacation.

Franklin County, Massachusetts

Economy of Franklin County, Massachusetts

Franklin County, Massachusetts is a rural area located in the western part of the state. The county has a population of around 70,907 and is home to a number of small towns and villages. The economy of Franklin County is mainly supported by agriculture, forestry, tourism and manufacturing.

Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of Franklin County and contributes significantly to its total output. Dairy farming is one of the main industries here with cows being raised for their milk production. Other agricultural activities include vegetable farming, fruit growing, hay production and maple syrup production.

Forestry has been an important industry in Franklin County for many years. The county’s forests consist mainly of maple, beech, birch and oak trees which are harvested for timber as well as firewood.

Tourism is another key economic driver in Franklin County with visitors coming from all over to enjoy its natural beauty and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and hunting. There are also numerous historical sites to explore such as Old Deerfield Village or Shelburne Falls which are popular attractions among tourists visiting the area.

Manufacturing is also an important industry in Franklin County with companies producing furniture, paper products, leather goods and textiles being some of the main employers here.

Franklin County has a diverse economy that supports its population while also providing employment opportunities for people living here or looking to move into the area. Its rich natural resources make it an ideal place to live or visit while providing economic stability through its various industries.

Libraries in Franklin County, Massachusetts

According to babyinger, Franklin County, Massachusetts is home to a number of libraries that serve the local community. These libraries offer a variety of services and resources to citizens, including books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials and online resources. The county’s main library is the Greenfield Public Library which is located in the city of Greenfield. This library has been serving the community since 1870 and offers a wide selection of materials for all ages. In addition to books, the library also provides access to computers with internet access as well as programs such as story time and book clubs.

In addition to the Greenfield Public Library, there are numerous other libraries throughout Franklin County that offer services to residents. The Erving Public Library is located in Erving and provides a variety of materials for adults and children alike. The Shelburne Falls Area Children’s Museum Library in Shelburne Falls focuses on providing educational materials for children while the Deerfield Public Library offers an array of resources for adults including books, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual materials.

The town of Orange has its own public library as well which serves both residents and visitors alike with its vast selection of books, periodicals and other resources. The library also features computer workstations with internet access as well as a meeting room for community events or programs.

The libraries in Franklin County provide invaluable services to their communities by offering educational resources as well as providing recreational activities such as story time or book clubs for children and adults alike. They are an important part of county life that help promote literacy while also giving people access to information they may not otherwise have access to.

Landmarks in Franklin County, Massachusetts

Franklin County, Massachusetts is full of landmarks that have become iconic within the county and beyond. These landmarks offer visitors a glimpse into the county’s past and present, as well as a unique insight into the area’s history. One such landmark is the historic Deerfield Academy, which was founded in 1797 and is one of the oldest private schools in America. The academy has a long-standing tradition of excellence in education and its campus features many original buildings such as the Academy Building, which dates back to 1798.

The Shelburne Falls Bridge is another landmark in Franklin County that draws visitors from all over New England. This bridge spans the Deerfield River and was built in 1875 using a unique lattice truss design that has become a trademark feature of this bridge. The bridge also offers stunning views of the river and surrounding area, making it an ideal spot for photography or simply taking in the natural beauty of this region.

The town of Orange is home to another important landmark known as The Old Mill Museum. This museum was established in 1969 and features historical artifacts from Orange’s past such as antique tools, furniture, clothing and photographs. Visitors can also explore the millrace which was used to power many of Orange’s industries during its early years.

Finally, Franklin County is home to many beautiful outdoor landmarks such as Mount Toby State Reservation which offers miles of hiking trails with stunning views of Mount Toby itself along with breathtaking views of surrounding areas including nearby Mount Monadnock. Other outdoor attractions include Lake Wyola State Park where visitors can enjoy swimming or fishing on its tranquil waters or take part in boating activities during warmer months.

Franklin County’s landmarks offer visitors a unique glimpse into its past while also providing recreational opportunities for those seeking outdoor activities or educational experiences at places like The Old Mill Museum or Deerfield Academy. These landmarks are an integral part of what makes Franklin County so special and are sure to be remembered for generations to come.

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