Fish Bowl Photo Viewer: The Perfect Excuse to Leave Photo Gallery

The 3D Gallery Photo default Android has divided users. On the one hand there are those who think that application perfectly meets its mission while others say that it leaves enough wish.

The truth is that when we have a lot of photographs in our terminal is difficult to manage them and the interface isn’t exactly wonderful. Fortunately there are enough alternatives in the Android Market but today we will focus exclusively on Fish Bowl Photo Viewer, an application with potential so we consider us to make a change.

Fish Bowl Photo Viewer It promises to speed and it is certain to comply with what he says. The movement through the different menus, even though we have a good number of photographs, is really fast and smooth. Just jerks can be seen to perform different actions. The truth is that to be a beta version this section have worked it really well.

Others of the virtues of this application is the presentation. It is true that at the beginning the Gallery default interface isn’t all bad. However with the passage of time, and as we have more photos, we see how the interface no longer works as well.

Fish Bowl Photo Viewer part of a structure when presenting the photographs similar to the Metro in Windows Phone 7. Similar to part, the interface is much more comfortable and easy to use to search among all our photos.

In addition the application comes with an intelligent assistant that will Optimizing the use of the Gallery as we use it. This option is especially noticeable at the time of ordering photos and rank them with different sizes.

The elementary functions Gallery by default are also present. Namely: multiple selection of files, share photographs using other apps, move from one folder to another, rotate…

At the moment, as I’ve already mentioned above, Fish Bowl Photo Viewer is located in beta version. You can download it in a way free in the Android Market, the only requirement to enjoy it: have Android 1.6 Donut or higher.

If you fails to convince, or you want more apps I recommend that you give him a chance to QuickPic, JustPictures or DroidIris.