Fairfield County, South Carolina Demographics

Fairfield County, South Carolina Demographics

Fairfield County, South Carolina is located in the central part of the state and is bordered by Richland County, Kershaw County, and Newberry County. The county covers an area of approximately 478 square miles and has a population of around 23,000 people. According to ITYPEUSA.COM, Fairfield County has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature in the summer months is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit while in the winter it can dip down to around 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

The terrain of Fairfield County consists mostly of rolling hills with some flat areas in between. The county is also home to several rivers including the Broad River and its tributary Congaree Creek. Additionally, there are several small lakes scattered throughout the region that provide recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Fairfield County is largely rural with most of its population living in small towns or rural areas outside of larger cities like Columbia or Sumter. The county seat is Winnsboro which serves as home to the county government offices as well as several businesses and restaurants. There are also a few other small towns located throughout Fairfield County such as Ridgeway, Jenkinsville, Blair, Jenkinsville Crossroads, and Ridgeway Crossroads.

The population of Fairfield County is primarily African American with 66% identifying as such according to 2019 estimates from the US Census Bureau. There are also smaller populations of White (28%), Hispanic (3%), Asian (1%) and other races (2%) residing within the county’s borders. The median household income for Fairfield County was estimated at $34,836 in 2019 which was lower than both state ($48,943) and national averages ($61,937).

Fairfield County, South Carolina

Economy of Fairfield County, South Carolina

Fairfield County, South Carolina has a diverse and vibrant economy that is driven by agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. The county’s agricultural sector is largely focused on cotton production and accounts for approximately 20% of the local economy. This sector also provides employment opportunities in fields such as crop production, farm management, and food processing. Additionally, Fairfield County also produces other crops such as soybeans, wheat, corn, hay and peanuts.

The manufacturing sector is another important part of the Fairfield County economy with companies such as Continental Tire (formerly General Tire) and Sunoco Logistics providing jobs to local residents. These companies specialize in producing tires and petrochemicals respectively. Additionally, there are several other small-scale manufacturers located throughout the county that produce products such as furniture and textiles.

Tourism is also an important part of the Fairfield County economy with various historical sites located throughout the area attracting visitors from all over the world. These sites include Fort Adams which was built in 1794 to protect settlers from Native American attacks during the Revolutionary War era as well as several other historic homes and plantations which offer visitors an opportunity to learn about life during that era.

Fairfield County’s economy provides a diverse range of employment opportunities for its residents while also providing an attractive destination for tourists looking to explore its rich history and culture. The combination of these industries has helped to ensure steady economic growth for the county in recent years despite some challenges posed by changing global markets or natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes.

Libraries in Fairfield County, South Carolina

According to babyinger, Fairfield County, South Carolina is home to a variety of libraries that serve the needs of its residents. The Fairfield County Library System (FCLS) consists of seven branches located throughout the county which provide free access to books, periodicals, and other materials. These branches include the Winnsboro Library, Jenkinsville Library, Ridgeway Library, Blythewood Library, Woodward Library in Ridgeway, and the Fairfield Memorial Library in Winnsboro. Each library offers a wide selection of materials for both children and adults as well as computers with internet access for research and other educational purposes.

The FCLS also offers a variety of programs including story times for children, book clubs for adults, and computer classes. Additionally, they host special events such as author visits and book signings throughout the year. The FCLS also provides access to digital resources such as e-books and audiobooks through their online catalog which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

In addition to the FCLS libraries there are several other libraries located throughout Fairfield County that offer specialized services such as genealogy research or local history collections. These include the Fairfield County Historical Society library located in Winnsboro which contains over 10,000 volumes relating to local history as well as family records from early settlers in the area. There is also a community library located in Jenkinsville which serves local students with homework help and tutoring services.

Fairfield County has an extensive library system that provides residents with access to books and other materials while also offering programs that promote literacy and learning for all ages. These resources are invaluable to both students looking to further their education and individuals looking to explore their interests through reading or research.

Landmarks in Fairfield County, South Carolina

Fairfield County, South Carolina is a beautiful area with many historical sites and landmarks for visitors to explore. Located in the Midlands region of the state, Fairfield County is home to numerous attractions, from scenic parks and trails to unique museums and buildings.

The Fairfield County Courthouse is a notable landmark located in Winnsboro. Constructed in 1828, this two-story brick building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 due to its architectural significance. The courthouse features Greek Revival style columns and a prominent cupola topped with an eagle weathervane. Inside the courthouse are several courtrooms as well as a law library that contains original documents from when the building was first constructed.

The historic Jenkinsville Mill is another important landmark located within Fairfield County. The mill was built by local entrepreneur William Jenkins in 1820 and has remained operational ever since, making it one of the oldest continuously operating mills in the United States. The mill consists of two large brick structures that house a variety of equipment used for grinding wheat and corn into flour or meal products. Visitors can take guided tours of the mill which provide an interesting look into its history and operation.

For nature lovers, there are several parks located throughout Fairfield County which offer plenty of outdoor activities including fishing, boating, hiking trails, camping, bird watching and more. One of the most popular parks is Lake Wateree State Park which encompasses over 1,100 acres along Lake Wateree’s shoreline. This park provides visitors with access to numerous recreational opportunities such as swimming beaches, boat ramps, picnic areas and playgrounds for children.

Another popular attraction within Fairfield County is Blythewood Plantation House which was built by local physician Dr James Henry Hammond in 1854 near Ridgeway. This antebellum plantation house consists of two stories surrounded by expansive grounds where visitors can explore old slave cabins as well as gardens filled with native plants and flowers from around South Carolina. Tours are available at Blythewood Plantation House which provides an informative look into its history as well as its architecture from various time periods throughout South Carolina’s past.

Fairfield County offers many interesting landmarks for visitors to explore ranging from historic sites such as courthouses and plantation houses to natural attractions such as lakeside parks with plenty of outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy.

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