Euskaltel Gives Back to Your SIMple Rate by Lowering Its Price to Three Cents Per Minute in Exchange for Higher Consumption Minimum

Euskaltel doesn’t want to be left behind in it comes to mobile and updates a rate which in its day was a good choice although over time is somewhat outdated, the SIMple rate.

Low rate the price of calls, going from five to three cents per minute more 0.15 of call set-up while increasing the minimum consumption, six to nine euros per month.

The rest of conditions do not vary, eight cents per SMS, without grant of terminals or commitment to stay, although unlike the previous rate, which is still available, only in this case You can only be purchased online.

Do not change the compatibility with the M3GUSTA service, offering customers fixed or mobile connections operator 150 Internet Mb of sailing at full speed with reduced back to 64 kbps. Additionally these same customers can get a bonus of 500 Mb per 5.9 euros per month.

In this mode the fee SIMple only available on contract, both with new number, portability or migration from card, and demands payment of 15 euros in high cost but this is free promotional way until December 31. The SIM shipping costs are free of charge.