Entertainment and Attractions in Toro, Spain

Entertainment and Attractions in Toro, Spain

Toro is not only wine, but also a lot of well-preserved architecture from different eras. In the eastern part of the city is the fortress of Alcazar de Toro – the Spaniards still call it in the Moorish manner. It was built between the 13th and 15th century as a military stronghold of the kingdom of Astoria in the war against the Catholic kings, and after the victory, a prison was opened in the building. The fortress is still being restored, but you can go inside without any problems.

Closer to the city center is the Clock Tower (Torre del reloj). It was erected in the 18th century on the gates of the 11th century wall. According to legend, during the construction of the tower, wine was poured into the cement, not water – it was cheaper that way. Nearby are the ruins of the second line of city fortifications, of which two towers have survived – Torre de la Corredera and Torre del Postigo. Check 800zipcodes for other cities and countries as well as population and geography of Europe.

In the center of Toro, Palacio de las Leyes – Palace of Laws is interesting, however, only the facade remained from the original building of the 15th century. But there are several other palaces that are much better preserved: the palace of the Counts de Requena (Palacio de condes de Requena) of the 15th century and the palace of the Marquises of Alcanices (Palacio de marqueses Alcanices), where in 1522 Crown Prince of Portugal Juan Manuel married the daughter of Emperor Charles V – Juan.

On the main city square, Mayor (Plaza Mayor) is a very beautiful building of the City Council of the 18th century. It is worth seeing the Plaza de Toros (Plaza de Toros) – bullring, one of the oldest in the country (1828). It has recently been restored so that it is open to tourists.

The most beautiful panoramic view of the city opens from the observation deck (it is also a small park) Mirador de Espolon: from here you can see the entire valley, a stone bridge over the river and other landscapes.

Churches and monasteries

The city of Toro has less than 10,000 inhabitants, and in its small area there are more than a dozen churches, most of which have been preserved since the 12th century.

The main one is the collegiate church of Our Lady (Iglesia colegial de Santa Maria la Mayor) in the early Gothic style with elements of the late Romanesque style. The construction of the church began in the 12th century and lasted for a hundred years, this is one of the most beautiful and majestic buildings in the whole city..

One of the most unusual icons of the collegiate church of St. Mary is the image of the pregnant Mother of God: she rarely appears without a baby.

Church of San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo) – the oldest Christian church in Toro, built in the early 12th century. This church is interesting for its unusual architectural style, Romanico-Mudéjar, which combined European traditions with Arabic decorative arts. In addition, the illegitimate descendants of King Pedro I the Cruel are buried here.

The Church of San Salvador (San Salvador de los Caballeros) owes its appearance to the Templars, who settled in Toro in the 12th century. Initially, it was built in the Romanico-Mudéjar style, but in the 16th century the appearance was radically changed, rebuilt in the Gothic style. Today, this building houses the Museum of Religious Art (Museo de Arte Sacro).

Several monasteries have also been preserved in Toro. The most famous of them – the monastery of the Holy Spirit (Convento de Sancti-Spiritus) – was built at the beginning of the 14th century. It was founded by the Portuguese princess Teresa Gil, and she is buried here. Next to the gravestone of the princess, you can see a monument to Queen Beatrice of Portugal.

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit still operates and is known throughout the city for delicious cookies baked by its novices.

The other two monasteries are the Monastery of Santa Clara (Convento de Santa Clara) and the Monastery of Hagia Sophia (Convento de Santa Sofía), the latter is known for its unusual tower.

Weather in Toro

Summer in Toro is hot and sunny, the air temperature in July and August rises to +30 °С during the day, at night it is much cooler – about +15… +17 °С. The winter here is cloudy and relatively cold – about +5… +7 °С, the lowest air temperature in January is about +4 °С, and at night it drops to -1 °С.

In the off-season, it is rainy in Toro, with the most precipitation falling in November and April, sometimes raining until May.

Attractions in Toro, Spain

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