City ​​Trip to Los Angeles

City ​​Trip to Los Angeles

Always wanted to make a city trip to Los Angeles? Certainly do! The bustling city of Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful highlights of Western America. According to, the city is known for its wonderful climate and trendsetter culture in fashion, film, technology and science. Los Angeles is located in southern California and is the state’s largest city. After New York City, Los Angeles is even the largest city in America! In short, a city trip to Los Angeles will soon provide you with an unforgettable experience!

City trip Los Angeles – Atmosphere

When you take a city trip to Los Angeles, you feel the diversity and energy that hangs in the city. Everything is in constant motion and radiates creativity, color and freedom. This is reflected in the many artful buildings in the city surrounded by mountains. There are skyscrapers that seem to reach into the sky, such as the magnificent US Bank Tower, but also low, rural buildings with a lot of atmosphere. All this leads to an interesting mix and many sights.

In addition to the appearance of the city, the population is also very diverse. About a quarter of the population is white, about 45% is Latino/Hispanic and 15% has an Asian background. Because of this, there are also many religions in Los Angeles. Judaism, the Catholic Church and Buddhism have the most adherents. Furthermore, in Los Angeles it is clear that you are in the center of the film industry. Especially along Hollywood Boulevard you will experience the ‘glamorous’ feeling during your city trip to Los Angeles.


There is a lot to see in the always bustling Los Angeles. In addition to well-known, impressive buildings such as TCL Chinese Theater and Walt Disney Concert Hall, there is much more to discover. Read here what you should not miss during your city trip to Los Angeles!

  • In sunny LA, a day at the beach is a great experience! In addition to relaxing on popular beaches such as Santa Monica and Malibu, you will discover a lot of culture. Especially when it comes to fashion, you will be amazed at these beaches.
  • Getty Center. Do you want to enjoy a beautiful view of LA? Then you have to be at the Getty Center. Getty Center belongs to the Getty Museum and offers beautiful gardens and architecture in addition to views.
  • Hollywood. You must have seen Hollywood during your city trip to Los Angeles! Hollywood is the bustling center of the film industry and the arts. Walk along the beautiful Hollywood Boulevard, discover the names of celebrities on the Walk of Fame and visit the shops and restaurants of Sunset Strip.
  • Beverly Hills. Another famous part of Los Angeles is Beverly Hills, where many celebrities live. In this district, which has been featured in many films and series, there are beautiful houses, beautiful shopping centers and chic restaurants.
  • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a must-visit! This museum houses more than 100,000 works of art from all over the world. Art lovers can indulge themselves in the LACMA!


Los Angeles is easy to reach during your tour of Western America. There is a large highway network in and around the city, consisting of so-called freeways. During your city trip to Los Angeles you will discover that LA is a busy city. The urban area of ​​LA has the highest car density in the US, so the city is very busy. That is why it can also be useful to use the metro and buses, especially for less experienced drivers. You can also take a taxi, although they are often a bit more expensive. Below you will find a number of roads that will take you to LA and on which you can enjoy beautiful surroundings along the way!

  • Highway 1, Dana Point – Leggett
  • Highway 101, Los Angeles – Olympia
  • S. Route 66, Los Angeles – Chicago
  • Interstate 15, Los Angeles – Las Vegas

City ​​Trip to Los Angeles

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