Circuit Breaker without Limits Mtb Will Be in Treble

The evidence, which will be disputed on the 9th of July, promises to be more difficult than the previous two

The circuit breaker without limits MTB 2017 arrives at treble on July 9th, leading to the city elite athletes and beginners in the mountain bike to traverse the rural roads of the municipality known as the “Açucena da Serra”.

The evidence promises to be the hardest until now of the two stages already held, in Bauru on 5 February and in Bariri, on April 2nd. “The course will present to professional athletes and beginners difficulties that will require much preparation, concentration and strategy to dose the energy of the pedals, saving the reserve for the final meters,” details Max, maximums, the circuit organizer without limits and professional cyclist since 2007, with an extensive resume of victories.

The test will have dropped at Tiradentes Square on the 7th of September, at the center of treble and arrival at Praça do Sol, on Rua Sete de September, on the exit to Borebi, and will be divided into Sport, with 30 km and Pro, with 53 km.

In the 1st stage, about 160 Cliclistas gathered to participate in the event that had categories for all ages, such as those of 13 to 15 years and also above 55 years. The riders and lovers of cycling took advantage of the event to celebrate the passion in common by mountain biking.

In the 2nd stage of Bariri, 146 cyclists fell on the areiao on rural roads, with good disputes in the final Sprint, yielding thrilling pedals for the first placements.


The 3rd stage of the circuit breaker without limits MTB 2017 will be divided into ten categories in male, juvenile to veteran, in two categories in female, Sub-35 and master, in addition to the categories in male and double mixed, which are the categories Pro and drop 10 minutes earlier. There will also be the debutante categories in male and female up to 40 years and over 40 years, focused on beginners athletes. However, all cyclists travel the same path, separated only between Pro level (professional athletes and amateurs) and Sport (beginners athletes). “The top five times in the overall classification, both male and female, will form the Elite category and receive an award in cash that reaches the total of R $2000,” explains Maximum.

Dissemination of cycling

The evidence disputed on 2 April in Bariri had a greater involvement of professional teams, with athletes who fought much for the first placements. In the category Pro male, the general champion was Renato seafront, who was once Brazilian champion of mountain bike four times and has in the resume participation at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

According to the open, the sport of cycling brings benefits beyond competitions. “Nowadays, the bike is not only competition, as well as quality of life and ride. For sure, events like the unlimited Pedal circuit favors the dissemination of sport in our region, as well as stimulating new practitioners. ”

For Eliana Pinheiro, general champion of the female Pro in Bariri, the timid presence of women in competitions should be different. “I believe that many pedals, but are afraid of competitions, which are incredible moments that make us like more and more of the sport. The no-limit Pedal circuit is spreading the mountain bike and hopefully pledge the women to start competing. I went to see the evidence, I enjoyed it, and I’ve been participating in the evidence for two years, “counts.

How to participate

The 1st batch of entries for the 3rd stage circuit breaker without limits, in the value of R $60.00, are for sale until the 28th of May at the site of the sport Incentive (our site), Trip Adventure (our site) and also at the Special Bikes store in Bauru. Starting on May 29th, it starts the sale of the 2nd batch by R $70.00. “It is important to remember the athletes to bring on the day of the tasting 1 litre of milk, which will be donated to the relief entities”, reiterates.

Maximum adds that, for a good competition, athletes need to be attentive to indispensable safety equipment such as helmet, Bermuda or suitable trousers to practice cycling, tennis or slippers, outdoor gloves, goggles and sunscreen.

Entries and information: on the page of the Pedal without limits on Facebook (our site) by the site Incentive Sport (our site), Trip Adventure (our site) and the Special bikes shop in Bauru (Rua Antonio Alves, 33-40, in Bauru).

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