Children Can Design Their Own T-Shirt with Wax Chips

Perhaps with this heat and in weekend you’ve decided to stay at home, where hopefully you are cool. We want to propose an activity to do with children at home: will turn on authentic designers and creators of their own t-shirts.

It is very simple, just we need to wax and pencil sharpeners to have a good collection of chips, folios or newspaper and then MOM or dad used the iron to get the final result: a pretty t-shirt with flowers, hearts, pirates, ships, aircraft, a hand, a name…

The first thing that peque has to do, after choosing a white t-shirt and lisa (preferably white or clear, so that colors look better), is decide which drawing will want on t-shirt.

We will help you make a template with a sheet of paper, which we then cut to “fill” color chips, or to make the Fund. Because we can also make the template so that the chips are negative, bordering the figure that will be white.

After removing tip waxes that you want to use to put a sheet of paper inside the shirt to separate the front of the rear and that painting does not transfer when heated. On the part that the child wants to drawing we put the template and the child will fill it in color chips, mixed, color-coded sections…

When you are done carefully put other pages or newspaper over to iron: the heat of the iron makes waxes are melted and is embedded in the shirt. Once stuck wax, we must carefully separate the roles.

We have yet to do the test, but the t-shirt designed and created through with waxes for the kids they can even be washed, turning can go without problem to the washer. And if you have no desire to take iron, perhaps we can print t-shirts with potatoes either way, we hope to show you the result when we do our own t-shirts!