Cherokee County, Alabama Demographics

Cherokee County, Alabama Demographics

According to babyinger, Cherokee County is located in the northeastern corner of Alabama, with its northern border running along the Tennessee state line. The county is mostly mountainous, with the highest point being Lookout Mountain at 1,039 feet. The climate in Cherokee County is humid subtropical; summers are hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the 90s, while winters are cold and wet with occasional snowfall. The population of Cherokee County is 25,513 according to the 2019 census. The majority of residents live in the cities of Centre and Cedar Bluff, but there are also numerous small towns spread throughout the county. The largest employers in Cherokee County are manufacturing companies such as Georgia-Pacific and Mohawk Industries. Education is an important part of life in Cherokee County; there are several school districts that serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Higher education opportunities exist at Gadsden State Community College and Jacksonville State University. Additionally, several local churches offer spiritual guidance to residents of all ages.

Cherokee County, Alabama

Economy of Cherokee County, Alabama

The economy of Cherokee County, Alabama is largely driven by manufacturing and agriculture. The county is home to several major manufacturing companies, such as Georgia-Pacific and Mohawk Industries, which employ thousands of people in the area. The agricultural sector is also a significant contributor to the county’s economy; farmers in Cherokee County grow cotton, soybeans, corn, wheat, hay, and other crops. In addition to these traditional industries, Cherokee County is home to a burgeoning tourism industry. Visitors come from all over the United States to visit attractions such as Little River Canyon National Preserve and Weiss Lake. Other popular activities include fishing on Weiss Lake or visiting historical sites like Fort Payne Depot Museum or Little River Falls. Retail businesses also thrive in the county; there are numerous small shops that sell locally made products and services ranging from clothing to home goods. Overall, the diverse economic base of Cherokee County provides stable employment for many of its residents.

Education in Cherokee County, Alabama

According to TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA, education is an integral part of life in Cherokee County, Alabama. The county is served by several school districts that provide quality education to students from kindergarten through 12th grade. These school districts include Cherokee County Schools, Cedar Bluff High School, and Centre Elementary School. Each district offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for college and career success. Additionally, the county is home to several private schools, such as Holy Spirit Catholic School and Valley Head Christian Academy, which provide religious education to students of all faiths. Higher education opportunities are also available in Cherokee County; Gadsden State Community College and Jacksonville State University both have campuses located in the county. These institutions offer a variety of degrees and certificates to help students pursue their educational goals. Moreover, many local churches provide spiritual guidance to residents of all ages and offer programs such as Vacation Bible School and youth group activities. All these resources combine to create a strong educational foundation for the citizens of Cherokee County.

Landmarks in Cherokee County, Alabama

According to a2zdirectory, Cherokee County, Alabama is home to numerous landmarks that draw visitors from across the United States. One of the most popular sites is Little River Canyon National Preserve, which encompasses more than 15,000 acres of pristine wilderness. Visitors can explore the canyon’s various trails and waterfalls or take part in activities such as rafting, fishing, and camping. Another popular destination is Weiss Lake, which is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities and beautiful views. Other landmarks include Fort Payne Depot Museum—which offers a glimpse into the area’s history—and Little River Falls—a breathtaking cascade of water that plunges into a deep pool below. The county also features several historic buildings, such as Broad Street Methodist Church and Cherokee County Courthouse. These sites provide insight into the unique culture and heritage of Cherokee County. All these attractions make Cherokee County a great destination for travelers looking to explore Alabama’s past and present.

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