Cctv-How to Access Dvr through the Chrome

Personal speaking, welcome again, I am the Everton, and in this video I’m going to teach you, as we do to configure the Chrome to access the camera, okay? Sometimes your internet explorer’s problem’s not accessing, and you need to make a configuration to access the cameras, and the Chrome is good for us, for us to do it for us configuration access cameras OK? Genuinely can’t, but with that macetinho will give Yes.

So for us to do the configuration what needs to be done, you need to open the Chrome, after it loads, you will go into applications, in the little shop of Chrome, you will enter here: in Web Store, is the shop of Chrome for you download the programinhas there. What you have to download here, is an extension called IETAB, this ietab here, this little guy you’re here, you will click on “free”, will add, won’t take anything and it was installed, come on? Beauty, was installed.

This ietab he is very useful. He’s going to make your Google chrome, navigate as internet explorer, IE, all we need Active X, you’re going to have him, but you need to have internet explorer installed on your machine, because he takes the settings he needs the internet to ta in the machine, if not, there’s no point in putting that won’t work. If this is your case, for example, you’re using a Linux, Mac and don’t have explorer, no use for the ietab that won’t work.

There’s another workaround that I can do, that is IE CLOUD, if I’m not mistaken, this guy is here: Cloud Internet Explorer, you can see that he has little recommendation, here, because it is slow to pumpkin, he is, he’s this browser in cloud, it is somewhere on the planet, then you When you put this extension you’re using this browser to access this explorer is somewhere to access the camera, it works I’ve tested, it’s lens, and you can’t take it, ta.
So let’s proceed with our configuration. So I have here my ietab already installed, so how are we going to do to access, you will click here in ietab, will download a complementinho, go click it executes, beauty, has appeared here you see o? is a second inside the browser Chrome, okay? After you’ve done this running at once, I’ll even close and open again, you see how it is, he stands there quietly, nothing, just go in and action when you click it, okay?

Then the bar there. So how are we going to do, you will enter the address that you want to access, colon, slash, slash, if DDNS, you’ll there your DDNS,., and the door, my IP address is, okay? and my door is the door here, enter, it wont load anything, it probably won’t work if you try to view, it will not come because I’m using Chrome even right, it will open, I can’t click anywhere to see the camera, okay? I don’t want to save, he gets a little crazy, won’t, can’t, you can click anywhere here that you won’t be able to see.

There, what do you do, click here o, ie tab, okay? I’m going to delete this login and update, updated, boot password, look there, loaded, appeared all the buttons, you see? Only you click here, and hey presto, cameras running in Chrome, ok? Remember: If you do not have Internet Explorer on your computer, it won’t work, okay? You have to have is that Internet Explorer that you have on the machine that it picks up the settings. Then if your case does not have the Explorer, then you try with that Cloud Internet Explorer, right? And okay, I tested also.

And Yes, if it was helpful to you this video, click the thumbs-up, gives a liked, to help guys who also need OK? The aim of this video is simply helping the guys, if you got any questions, have any new idea right, want to clarify something, comments there, I respond in time, the moment you get a chance, come on my phone I already answer, OK? And Yes guys, thank you and until the next video.