7 online creative writing courses

7 Online Creative Writing Courses

Do you love writing but feel like you need to improve your skills? So how about taking advantage of these quarantine and isolation times to take an incredible course and perfect your creative gifts? To help you with this we made this list with seven online courses in creative writing in English. Thus, you develop […]

MIT was named the best university in the world

How to Compare Universities?

Choosing where to study abroad can be a difficult and even time-consuming process. As we cannot go personally to all the options of institutions that interest us, we have to do a good research online to be able to decide which one is the best. To help you compare universities, we have brought some factors […]

Colcannon potatoes, Ireland

3 Recipes for Traveling without Leaving the Kitchen

Are you missing traveling? Well, for now it is really not possible to embark on an adventure, mainly outside Brazil. But did you know that you can go around the world without leaving the kitchen? For that, you just need to put your culinary skills into practice with these three recipes that will make you […]

Reasons to volunteer online

4 Reasons to Volunteer Online

We have already said here that many people are looking for and preferring remote stages because of the new coronavirus pandemic and all measures of social isolation and travel bans. But is it also possible to do volunteer work online? The good news is that YES, it is possible. And there are even some advantages […]


Does studying at the last minute for the exam work?

Have you completely forgotten the date of an important test at school / college, only being able to give that super quick review the day before? Or worse, have you procrastinated (deliberately and consciously) as much as possible until that moment comes, desperately looking at the content of the test with only a few hours […]

Stanford Average GRE Scores

Is There an Ideal GRE Score?

The GRE is, next to the GMAT, one of the main tests for those who want to do a postgraduate course abroad. The test is divided into three main parts: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Each of these parts receives a separate, gross grade, which is then transformed into the candidate’s final grade. […]

What is GMAT

What is GMAT?

1: What is the GMAT? Short for Graduate Management Admission Test on Abbreviation Finder, the GMAT is a standardized test used to apply for admission to business schools.┬áIf you want to study an MBA, a Master’s in Finance, a Master’s in International Business, or another similar postgraduate degree, you must take the GMAT as part […]

Which skills do the GMAT and GRE Value

Which Skills do the GMAT and GRE Value?

The standardized GMAT and GRE tests have a unique format where they assess, in their own way, certain skills and competencies of candidates for competitive postgraduate studies abroad. If you are preparing for them, surely you wonder what skills are evaluated? Is it just a knowledge test? What do I need to know in order […]