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Hawaii Pacific University Student Review

First of all, in a nutshell: Studying in Hawaii is more expensive than anywhere else, but you have the right to stay for at least four months in a place in the world that many will never go to, or at most on vacation. If you feel like a lot of paradise and spectacular nature, […]

UCSB Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies
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University of California Santa Barbara Student Review

In my experience report, I will go into the application process, the courses I have taken at the university, on-site support, the search for accommodation, as well as leisure and excursion options. Occupied courses I took a total of three courses at UCSB itself. These courses were all courses from the UCSB Extension Program . Two of these courses […]

UCSD Human Developmental Sciences
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University of California San Diego Student Review

Preparation When I started planning the semester abroad , it was clear that I wanted to go to California . In order to make a decision for a university , I first selected the universities that offer courses for mechanical engineers and then made my decision in favor of UC San Diego based on experience […]

UCLA – Institute for Planets and Exoplanets
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University of California Los Angeles Student Review

All in all, the preparation for the summer session turned out to be easy. Your website was always available to answer questions and made the organization a lot easier. The visa application for which we had to drive to Berlin turned out to be more complex than anything else. But it must also be said […]

Commencement - San Jose State University
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San Jose State University Student Review

I am currently studying international industrial engineering in the master’s program in Vienna and I really wanted to experience a semester abroad again before graduating. Together with my friend, who studies something completely different from me, we started looking for a suitable university in America.  We found three universities where we could both study our […]

Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at SDSU
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San Diego State University Student Review

General The SDSU is one of the three major universities in San Diego. It is located in the College Heights area and can be easily reached from the city center in around 20 minutes by car and around 40 minutes by trolley. Beaches such as Pacific and Mission Beach can also be reached in a […]

SMU Academic Writing Awards
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Saint Mary’s University Student Review

I spent my semester abroad at SMU in Halifax from the beginning of September to the beginning of December 2013. Accommodation I lived in a shared apartment during my stay. The flat share was only a 10-minute walk from the university. I found the room at My room was unfurnished, but I got everything […]

Study Organization and Leadership
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Study Organization and Leadership Abroad

Employees and economic experts agree on what makes a good superior: He should set clear targets, hand over responsibility, have specialist skills, express praise, be fair and always have an open ear for his employees. Of course, nobody is born a leader . In order to delegate tasks, make decisions and motivate employees, managers must […]

UBC Faculty of Law
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Inside the University of British Columbia

Do you dream of studying in Canada at a leading national and international educational institution? So the University of British Columbia can be a great option. Know more about it now! Campus The University of British Columbia has two main campuses: one in Vancouver, one of Canada’s main urban centers; and another in Kelowna, a […]