Second World War 1
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Second World War Part I

Second World War, global war, based on National Socialist Germany, in the years 1939–45. Prehistory The political order of Europe and East Asia created after the First World War, which was based on the economic and power-political preponderance of the victorious powers Great Britain, France and the USA as well as the extensive isolation of […]

Second World War 3
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Second World War Part III

The Second World War was a global war, starting with National Socialist Germany in the years 1939–45. The Second World War (1939–45) came about through Adolf Hitler’s criminal expansion policy, which was aimed at eliminating the “dictate of Versailles” and gaining “living space in the east”. Germany’s allies were Italy and Japan (»axis« Berlin – […]

The Second War in the Pacific 1942–1945
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The Second War in the Pacific 1942–1945

The recovery of the territories conquered by Japan in 1941/42 took place very slowly against the stiff resistance of the Japanese island garrisons and with the greatest willingness of the Japanese soldiers ( kamikaze) to make sacrifices, although in 1943 about half of the American armed forces were deployed in the Pacific. On August 7, […]

The War in East Asia and the Pacific

The War in East Asia and the Pacific (Late 1941-42)

The Japanese conquered Southeast Asia quickly. Via Thailand, which was occupied from December 7, 1941 and forced to declare war on the USA and Great Britain in January 1942, they advanced to the east coast of Malaya (December 8, 1941) and Burma (capture of Rangoon on March 8, 1941). 3. 1942). The sinking of two […]

Conflicts in Korea 4

Conflicts in Korea Part 4

North Korea was met by increasingly harsh sanctions from the outside world, not only from the UN but also directly from the EU and the US. Following the fifth nuclear test in the autumn of 2016, the UN Security Council introduced sanctions banning the export of coal, iron and lead, important sources of income for North […]

Conflicts in Korea 3

Conflicts in Korea Part 3

Conflict over core programs In 2002, North Korea confirmed in talks with the United States that it had enriched uranium and produced plutonium, a breach of the 1994 agreement. The United States stopped oil supplies and other aid. IAEA inspectors were expelled from North Korea, which also denounced the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty), the agreement to […]

Conflicts in Korea 2

Conflicts in Korea Part 2

Mutual fighting killed thousands of Koreans. In 1947, the United States pulled the Korean conflict before the UN, which decided to hold general elections. However, the UN Electoral Commission was not allowed into the north. Elections were held separately and on both sides the men appointed by the great powers won. In May 1948, the Republic of Korea was […]