Conflicts within Sudan 4

Conflicts within Sudan Part 4

Betrayed promises From being at a low level for several years, the conflict in the area flared up in 2005, when 17 protesters were killed by police in the port city of Port Sudan. The influx of volunteers to the guerrillas increased rapidly and the fighting escalated. The Khartoum government also reacted quickly with offers of […]

Conflicts within Sudan 3

Conflicts within Sudan Part 3

Despite the peace agreement, the violence continued on several fronts, now mostly in the form of local conflicts over arable and pasture land, water sources and minerals. The more political dimension was less and less heard about, but the conditions for the civilian population were just as difficult. Many were killed in new clashes and people continued […]

Conflicts within Sudan 2

Conflicts within Sudan Part 2

UN divided From the outset, the UN Security Council was divided over Darfur. At first, they were content to issue threats of “action”, but in January 2005, the UN stated that the Sudanese army and its allies had committed systematic abuses against civilians. On the other hand, the Security Council did not want to call it genocide , which […]

Conflicts within Sudan 1

Conflicts within Sudan Part 1

According to 800zipcodes, the 50-year war between North Sudan and South Sudan has marked Sudan’s modern history, but there are also other hotspots within the country. Like many other African countries, Sudan is basically an artificial creation, and in independence in 1956, the new state inherited a number of inherent contradictions. Since the beginning of the […]

Conflicts within South Sudan 4

Conflicts within South Sudan Part 4

The coalition government takes office The division of power within the future government was decided, but no date was set for the coalition government to take office. In February 2016, Kiir reinstated rival Machar as vice president, but Machar refused to take the position unless all government soldiers first left Juba in accordance with the peace […]

Conflicts within South Sudan 3

Conflicts within South Sudan Part 3

In the outside world, anger increased over the brutality and the leaders’ indifference to the hardships of the population. The peace talks in Addis Ababa continued, but they were slow. The US and the EU threatened sanctions if delays continued. In March, the UN estimated that more than a million South Sudanese were homeless and that 800,000 […]

Conflicts within South Sudan 2

Conflicts within South Sudan Part 2

No peace after the peace agreement During the six-year transition period until South Sudan’s independence in 2011, small-scale fighting continued around the country. The leaders of the SPLM / SPLA accused the government in Khartoum of supporting rebels with the intention of sabotaging the peace agreement and stopping the division of the country. Outbreaks of violence […]

Conflicts within South Sudan 1

Conflicts within South Sudan Part 1

Barely 2.5 years after the creation of the state, South Sudan was drawn into a devastating civil war in December 2013. A power struggle between the country’s two main leaders triggered the conflict. It was not until 2015 that a peace agreement was signed following international pressure. By then, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people […]

The Congo-Kinshasa Conflict 6

The Congo-Kinshasa Conflict Part 6

Offensive against FDLR Thereafter, the military and the FIB instead focused on fighting the FDLR (and ADF-Nalu). Assessors pointed out that it would be difficult to defeat the FDLR with military means alone. It had long been emphasized that political and economic measures would also be required to force the Hutu militia to lay down its arms […]

The Congo-Kinshasa Conflict 5

The Congo-Kinshasa Conflict Part 5

 A divided country In the parliamentary elections, parties loyal to Kabila had gained a majority, but in the presidential election a second round of elections was required between Kabila and the former rebel leader Jean-Pierre Bemba. Bemba played on xenophobic sentiments against Kabila and accused him of not being a “true Congolese”. Kabila clearly won in […]