Carlisle County, Kentucky Demographics

Carlisle County, Kentucky Demographics

Carlisle County, Kentucky is located in the southwestern corner of the state, along the Mississippi River. The county covers an area of about 332 square miles and is home to a population of around 6,400 people. The county seat is Bardwell and other notable towns include Arlington, Milburn and Cunningham.

The geography of Carlisle County is diverse, with rolling hills, flat plains and woodlands making up most of the landscape. The Mississippi River forms part of its eastern border while smaller creeks such as Clear Creek flow through the county. There are several lakes in Carlisle County including Lake Barkley which offers plenty of recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing and camping.

According to ITYPEUSA.COM, the climate in Carlisle County is humid subtropical with hot summers and cold winters. Summers are usually hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the 90s during July and August while winters can be cold with temperatures sometimes dropping below freezing during December and January. Rainfall averages around 48 inches per year with most precipitation occurring during spring and early summer months.

Carlisle County has a diverse population that includes African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians and Native Americans among others. Many residents work in agriculture or manufacturing while some commute to nearby cities for work or school. There are several small towns located throughout the county that offer a variety of services such as restaurants, grocery stores, banks and churches. With its rich history, beautiful scenery and friendly people Carlisle County is an attractive place to live or visit.

Carlisle County, Kentucky

Economy of Carlisle County, Kentucky

Carlisle County, Kentucky is located in the southwestern corner of the state, along the Mississippi River. It is home to a population of around 6,400 people and covers an area of about 332 square miles. The county seat is Bardwell and other notable towns include Arlington, Milburn and Cunningham.

The economy in Carlisle County is largely based on agriculture, with livestock farming being the main industry. Other important industries include manufacturing, timber harvesting and oil production. There are several large employers in Carlisle County such as Tyson Foods, which employs over 500 people at its chicken processing plant in Bardwell. Other major employers include Carlisle County School Districts and the county government.

In addition to agriculture and manufacturing, tourism also plays an important role in the local economy. Popular attractions include High Plains Nature Area which features grasslands perfect for bird watching or kayaking on Clear Creek Reservoir which offers stunning views of rolling hills surrounded by pine trees. The county also has several wineries that attract both domestic and international visitors throughout the year.

The unemployment rate in Carlisle County is slightly above the national average at 5%. However, this figure has been steadily decreasing due to increased job opportunities from new businesses as well as existing ones expanding their operations. The median household income in Carlisle County stands at around $45,000 per year while poverty levels hover around 12%.

Carlisle County’s economy is quite diverse with a mix of industries that provide employment opportunities for its residents. Agriculture continues to be a major component of its economic success while tourism has become increasingly important over recent years thanks to its many attractions and natural beauty spots.

Libraries in Carlisle County, Kentucky

According to babyinger, Carlisle County, Kentucky is home to a number of public and special libraries. The county’s main library is the Carlisle County Public Library which is located in Bardwell and serves all of Carlisle County. It offers a wide variety of materials for both educational and recreational purposes, including books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, DVDs and more. The library also offers online resources such as e-books and databases for research. In addition to its physical collection, the library has a number of digital services such as downloadable audio books and magazines through its website.

Other public libraries in Carlisle County include the Arlington Public Library which offers a wide selection of materials for both adults and children as well as computers with internet access for patrons to use. There is also the Milburn Public Library which provides access to research materials through its online catalogs and databases.

In addition to these public libraries, there are also several special libraries located in Carlisle County. These include the Kentucky State Library located in Frankfort which provides resources for state government employees; the University of Kentucky Libraries located in Lexington which houses a large collection of books related to Kentucky history; and the Centre College Library located in Danville which specializes in humanities research.

There are plenty of options available for those looking to access library resources in Carlisle County. With its numerous public libraries offering a variety of materials for educational or recreational purposes as well as several special libraries providing access to specialized collections related to Kentucky history, there is something for everyone no matter what their interests may be.

Landmarks in Carlisle County, Kentucky

Carlisle County, Kentucky is home to a number of fascinating landmarks. One of the county’s most notable landmarks is the Bardwell Ferry, which was built in 1812 and is the oldest operating ferry in the state. The ferry operates on a regular schedule between Bardwell and Hickman and provides a unique way to cross the Mississippi River.

Another popular landmark in Carlisle County is the Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, located on Lake Barkley near Grand Rivers. This park features camping sites, boat ramps, and scenic trails for visitors to explore. In addition, visitors can enjoy fishing on Lake Barkley or take a guided tour of the dam itself.

The town of Arlington is also home to a number of landmarks including the historic Arlington Courthouse which dates back to 1817 and served as an important hub for commerce during its early years. Today, it serves as a museum where visitors can learn more about its history and view artifacts from its early days.

The former home of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan is also located in Carlisle County near Murray. This house was used by General Morgan during his daring raids into Kentucky during the Civil War and has been preserved as part of an historic site with tours available year-round for visitors to learn more about this important figure in American history.

Finally, no visit to Carlisle County would be complete without visiting one of its many natural landmarks such as Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area which features over 300 miles of hiking trails and campgrounds for nature lovers or Fort Donelson National Battlefield where visitors can learn more about this pivotal battle from the Civil War era.

There are plenty of interesting landmarks throughout Carlisle County that are sure to delight any visitor looking for something unique or historically significant while exploring this area of Kentucky. Whether it be taking a ride across Bardwell Ferry or exploring some of its many historical sites like Fort Donelson National Battlefield or General Morgan’s house, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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