Care with Her Panties

Monday, December 10, 2012

Be it income, designed, small or large, the thong is present in our daily lives, and has an important mission: to Protect the vagina and butt.
If you do not receive the proper care can be a carrier of bacteria and fungi causing serious risks to our health.
Small daily gestures are fundamental to stay totally out of danger.
Follow our tips from and learn how to take care of your.

The ideal should be cotton panties and preferably white or in light colours. The synthetic fabrics and dyes should be avoided because they can cause skin irritation causing genital inflammation also.

Choose a wider model, or adjustments, as the handle of the BRA, so that her panties don’t be tight, because they prevent the perspiration of the butt.

Indicated is wash it by hand with neutral SOAP and, never use fabric softener, bleach, and never leave the panties soak. Rinse well.

Ideally, your panties dry sunlight, never in the shade or bathroom. If you wash your panties in the shower, never forget her in the bathroom Box, because the moisture can leave her with fungi and bacteria causing landslides.

Pass the panty liner with the hot iron, this step is critical for total hygiene.

Never wear the same underwear for several days, if necessary replace it three times a day, always flossing the genitals to each return.

Do not use wet panties in any circumstances.

Prefer panties and loose, and never spend all day with Thong.

When you’re menstruating use panties that adhere well to the body, they keep the tampon in place and prevent leakage.

Old panties are always the best and most comfortable, yet when they are exhausted is better retire them.

And please, never share your panties and ever use of others.

They should be your own space in the wardrobe, nothing to mix them with other clothes or underwear.

Never leave them in direct contact with the wood, as they may become infected by bacteria; line your drawer with clean paper.

Scented sachets and mothballs, no way! The perfumes may cause allergies.
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