Bummelnder Blackberry

The Pearl 3 G is the second BlackBerry phone from German production. The seal of quality “German quality” deserves it but only to the extent-especially when browsing the mobile sipped a good ranking.

Made in Germany–this predicate can take the BlackBerry Pearl 3 G with right. The 3 G is the second mobile phone according to the Bold 9700, the Canadian manufacturer RIM completely develop in Germany and can be finished. Processing has succeeded in spite of many plastics. The metal frame to the cell phone and the keyboard good pressure points give the phone a good feel.

That not too much challenge 3 G for the pockets of lighter shirts with dimensions of 108 x 50 x 14 mm and 94 grams. Factory, a 2 GB microSD card inside the phone. Together with the internal memory you can have free so good 2 GB. PCs with Windows recognize the phone without additional drivers for external data storage. For the sync data, you need a special BlackBerry Desktop software, which is included in the phone.

Touch Panel Instead Of Trackball
Fans of the BlackBerry trackball disappointed that uses 3 G: the manufacturer Pearl instead on a touch panel. The operation is thus but similarly comfortable as with the ball. Users can adjust the sensitivity according to your taste. The control of the mouse pointer when surfing on the Internet goes with the sensor box very well by hand.

As the name suggests, RIM at the new Pearl puts on 3 G, more specifically on UMTS plus HSDPA 7.2 Mbit / s. The game is also Wi-Fi. Here, the 3 G supports the currently still very rarely encountered on mobile phones format 802. 11n. Nice and good, but in practice these fleet data rates are not noticeable: the Pearl 3 G took about 54 seconds to fully load a default page (Chip.de) via mobile network: at best level of EDGE! And also via Wi-Fi it was just four seconds faster. That for Web access all data is first compressed on a special server and therefore is less data volume, should make up for that the user does not have the lame pace. Also the so called SureType keyboard not convinced in practice when compared to a real QWERTY keyboard. Although each key in the face of the 14 buttons layout offers plenty of space for your thumb, is ahead but not much a normal T9 phone keyboard.Only the word determination seems to be slightly smarter than T9.

Entertainers And Business Professional
The 3.2-megapixel camera offers auto focus, LED Flash and various modes for white balance. Also you can understand accidentally and thus images via GPS receiver with the coordinates of the recording, where the image originated. The photos of the 3 G look quite well (see Photo Gallery). Videos can record in VGA format (640 x 480). The RIM phones MP3 player fulfills the basic requirements. The sound you can via presets on the jumps help and at best your own accessory headphone use.Thanks to the 3.5 mm audio jack that is possible without any problems. But the Jack is on the side of the phone, which interferes with the storage in your pocket with earphones plugged.

As befits a BlackBerry model, see the Pearl 3 G mobile Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PDF reader. In the acoustic test that hit 3 G pretty neat. Votes were always good to understand, sounded somewhat unnatural but specifically on a landline. The handsfree is nice to use strong and fair even in some environment.

The working speed of the mobile leaves no room for the bleating. The battery ran 3:37 hours – lower average for mobile phones in a fatigue test at full GSM transmitter power.

The Pearl 3 G scores in the test with compact dimensions, proper equipment and good processing. Performance and multimedia services can be seen, but not be at the level of other phones in this price range. Less we liked the lame despite Wi-Fi n and HSDPA browser, the side included Jack and the waiving of QWERTY keys.Also the talk time earned little praise. In view of these shortcomings, it is Price of 380 euro too high.

You are looking for a cheaper phone with compact proportions, but there must be no BlackBerry? Then thorough the Nokia E72 fit to you. The bar phone offers with 5-megapixel camera, 4 GB memory, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, push email via Nokia mail and full keyboard the better equipment at a significantly lower price. The Nokia E72 is up to date for 280 euro without contract.