Bixby Comes from The Hand of The S8 Galaxy, Does Make Sense Other Virtual Assistant?

Here is the new Samsung Galaxy S8, a phone that stands out for being “full screen” e integrate your own Assistant, Bixby, of which we have been hearing since it was nothing more than an experiment in Viv Labs.

Following the trend of recent months, Samsung has climbed aboard the train of attendees did the same for years Apple with Siri, Google with Assistant, or, more recently, HTC with Companion. The problem is that, precisely, assistants is not missing us. Does the arrival of another sense?

It’s different, but the same

Bixby is trying to stand out a bit from the rest of the attendees focusing more as a way to handle the phone “handsfree” than to a tracker’s information on the web, but in truth there is no difference between Bixby and others. A wizard is a wizard. You ask him to do one thing, and you expect that do.

Whether to tell you if it is going to rain tomorrow in Albuquerque or send an SMS to your mother, all participants aspire to the same, to be the intermediary that allows you to handle the phone hands-free and make complex tasks just by asking them. The only reason for which do not so far is by technical limitations. Same as Samsung is working on solving them, others will make you.

S Voice, the grandfather of Bixby

Give the end user the same if the Assistant is more “a seeker” or a shortcut to perform actions on the mobile. Although we are not all positions in technology and let us know how the guts of a wizard, We all aspire to converse with this intelligent virtual assistant understand us and does everything for us. We are not yet at that point, clear, but everything will be.

And to the list of old known as Siri, Assistant, Alexa and Cortana joined others who are waiting for you on Google Play so you give them a chance, like Sherpa or Vita. We hear frequently that of how the new Assistant on duty comes to revolutionize human-computer interaction and to fill a gap in our androids, but the truth is that we lack not options.

For now, only English and Korean

All Wizard that prepares you should understand you and respond in such way that you understand them. There’s only one problem: the language. And it is estimated that you there are between 6,000 and 7,000 different world languages, each with its own rules, spelling and grammar. Create a wizard capable of understanding a large number of languages is a daunting task.

World languages by number of native speakers (By Jroehl (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

In the changing world of technology, where any change should be tested before spreading around the world, language support is not an exception. We have seen again and again as support for the English arrive first and the rest “later”, but sometimes this more later is makes us too long, as with Google Assistant, one year later He has not yet learned to speak Spanish.

Bixby appears that you were not going to wait that long. At the moment it is able to understand English and Korean, but the Spanish (of United States, that Yes) will come to us in a couple of months and other languages will join later. However, it is necessary to remember that not only should take into account the languages, but the accents. For now, only Bixby speaks English United States, what British and Australians, to name a few, will have many problems to deal with it.

If you don’t like Bixby, there will be leftovers to a button.

The problem that attendees are becoming more and more smart is that It is also more difficult to adapt them so that they can understand more languages. Something to include language in the text-to-speech engine and speech synthesis, but in programming how to understand the context and combined concepts into a single sentence is no longer. Just what the new attendees, including Bixby are promising us.

And, if a wizard you do not understand, it is useless. In such cases it is normal ignore him and continue to do the tasks as always, to base touches and writing, but in the case of the Galaxy S8 is something more painful, as it has up to a dedicated button. If you don’t like Bixby, there will be leftovers to a button.

It is perfect… If you are using everything from Samsung

Attendees need access to basically everything you do, and it is partly for this reason that are so attractive to developers. To know when is your next appointment, if it is the birthday of a coworker or bring umbrella, the wizard must have access to your calendar, contacts and history locations.

In the same way that Siri lived in the Apple ecosystem and that Cortana unfolds like a fish in water in Windows, Android is Google territory. In general, the majority of Android users make use of Google services to virtually everything: email, contacts, web search… Like it or not, Google already know almost all of you, the wizard the only thing you need to do is refer to it.

Bixby lives within this ecosystem of Samsung, which is not exactly the most popular today

Bixby, on the other hand, is a bit in no man’s land. Although it is Android, Samsung tries to differentiate itself from Google with an interface quite changed, its own Apps store and some other service that is “almost the same as Google’s, but own”. Samsung includes its own application notes, calendar, mail and more, many of them based on the account of Samsung.

The problem here is that Bixby lives within this ecosystem of Samsung, which is not exactly the most popular today. It is capable of incredible interact with many of the pre-installed Samsung applications, but other applications beyond your control.

If you do not use the Samsung apps, this window will not have what show you

Although later Samsung submit your SDK so that developers can prepare their applications to interact with Bixby, would will really be taken the trouble to do so? Probably a handful of them Yes, but as we continue this dynamic by which each company has his assistant, it is clear that not all developers will have the time and patience to adapt their applications to all of them. Will frequently have to bet only on a horse, and the horse which has the win is on Google.

This is not a situation desperate – for now – but this is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges of Bixby. Being the interaction with other uses one of its strong points, Samsung must convince developers the advantages of tailor applications to an Assistant that, for now, is only available in a concrete model of a specific brand.

Does it make sense Bixby?

So, does the existence of one wizard more sense? From the perspective of Samsung, Yes, of course. In the ideal world imagined by its marketing department, all those who have a Galaxy S8 will actively use all services of Samsung, Samsung apps, and have your home full of connected Samsung devices. Bixby will be the perfect link between all of them.

From the perspective of the end user, However, the answer is more complicated. Bixby will continue to be useful even if you much different ideal world described in the previous paragraph. It will show you a window with information, continue to answer you questions and will continue analyzing images with Bixby Vision, but probably not thrill you more than the application of calculator or flashlight. It’s just something that is there.

Who gets done with the final wizard will do with the key to a knowledge of their users unprecedented

As I mentioned in another article, I personally would prefer that the efforts to create intelligent assistants were combined and not parallel, but You can not blame Samsung for trying your luck. Who gets done with the final wizard will be made with the key to a knowledge of their users unprecedented, and is a struggle in which Samsung is determined to participate.

Now well, the letters that has Bixby are not the best to become the King of attendees, but anything is possible at this point. Since Samsung already warn us that Bixby represents the first steps in this world, and if Google is still so slow to expand the list of languages supported in his assistant, can pass everything. It’s all about how many resources it will invest in Bixby and if they continue to improving it, as promise.

For the moment, at least the consolation that Bixby and the Google Wizard live will always us in peace and harmony in the Galaxy S8. Who knows, maybe end up becoming friends and everything.