Binge Eating Has a Cure?

Binge Eating Has a Cure?

Binge eating is a psychological disorder that has several factors as for example the endocrine and emotional. Very restrictive diets and large losses, such as of a loved one, losing your job or run out of money, it can also lead to the emergence of binge eating.

The binge eating is curable when identified and treated along with a psychologist and nutritional guidance. This is because with the psychologist it is possible to identify the reason that triggered the compulsion and, thus, reduce the symptoms and ensure improvement in the quality of life and well-being of the person. Contact with a dietician is also important so that the person does not have nutritional deficiency and can control their impulses food.

Symptoms of binge eating

The main symptoms indicative of binge eating are:


  • Eating too much;
  • Eat even without hunger;
  • Have difficulty stop eating;
  • May or may not be a sense of guilt after the “assault” on the fridge or waiver;
  • Eating food that strangers like brown rice raw, a pot of butter, beans, ice cream, cheese and etc.;
  • Eat too fast;
  • Eat hidden;
  • Pleasure immeasurable to eat;
  • Little concern with excess weight.

The individual’s compulsive in a moment of “attack” can eat more than 10 thousand calories in a short space of time, when you should eat on average 1200 calories per day.

How is the Treatment


The treatment for binge eating should be started as soon as possible and it is important that the person knows that it takes some time for it to start taking effect. It is recommended that the treatment for binge eating is started by means of consultation with a psychologist, so it is possible to identify what led to the binge eating and, thus, work on this aspect during the therapy sessions.

It is through the therapy sessions that the symptoms of binge eating may begin to be decreased, and it is important for the complementary treatment with medicines, which should be done under medical recommendation, and nutritional guidance.

Taking medicines it is important to regulate the function of hormones and thus lessen the physical hunger, and emotional generated by anxiety, stress and depression. These medicines must be prescribed by a doctor, endocrinologist and require a prescription to be purchased. Get to know the remedies for binge eating.

The nutritionist is a professional very important to guide the person on what he should eat and when to eat. This professional specializes in nutrition and can give valuable tips to beat hunger, eating the right foods. Already the exercises serve to improve the mood and divert the attention of the food, while the sessions of psychotherapy will be useful to treat the emotional part of the individual.

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