Because It Turns Out the Blackout Alcoholic and How to Avoid

Because It Turns Out the Blackout Alcoholic and How to Avoid

The term blackout alcoholic refers to the temporary memory loss that is caused by the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

This amnesia is alcoholic is caused by damage that alcohol causes the central nervous system, which leads to the forgetfulness of what happened during the time of drunkenness. Thus, at the moment that the person is drunk is able to remember everything normally, but after a brief period of sleep and after drunkenness pass, there was a blackout where it is difficult to remember what you did the night before, with whom you were or how you came to the house, for example.

This is a physiological event and a normal response and the natural of the organism to intoxication with alcoholic beverages.


How to identify

To identify if it has been or not a blackout alcoholic, you should answer the following questions:

  1. Drank a lot the previous night and not remember some parts of the night?
  2. Cant remember what drinks you have consumed?
  3. Don’t know how you arrived at home?
  4. Can’t remember of find friends or acquaintances on the previous night?
  5. Don’t know where you’ve been?

If you answered affirmatively to most of the previous questions is likely to have suffered a blackout alcoholic, caused by the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages.

How to avoid the blackout alcoholic


To avoid the blackout alcoholic the best tip is to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but if this is not possible then you should:

  • Eat before you drink, and every 3 hours, especially after you have begun to drink;
  • Take charcoal activated before you start drinking, because it hinders the absorption of alcohol in the stomach;
  • Always drink the same drink, avoiding drinks composed of mixtures of drinks, such as shotsor cocktails for example;
  • Drink a glass of water before each drink to ensure hydration.

These tips not only help avoid a blackout the alcoholic but also to decrease the hangover, helping you to consume less alcohol, and maintain hydration.

When it is more frequent

The blackout alcoholic most commonly occurs in people who drink with the empty belly, which are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol or not consume alcoholic beverages regularly.

In addition, the higher the alcohol content of the drink, the higher will be the chances of suffering a blackout. For example, the liquor absinthe is the drink with the highest amount of alcohol sold in Brazil and abroad, with at least 45% alcohol, which is also the drink that more readily causes loss of memory.

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