Appears a HTC with Resolution Full HD 1080 P over The GLBenchmark

HTC seems to have fairly advanced a new terminal that will give much to talk about. Or at least that point to the latest leaks, a new terminal, although it is unknown if it will be a smartphone or tablet, some specifications have appeared in the already known GLBenchmark.

It would be the HTC model 6435LVW, by Droid-Life that are running it would be a successor to the Rezound, whose model is the 6425.

Characteristics that jump out are mainly, a resolution of Display Full HD (1080 ├Ś 1794p), of the highest seen so far in terminals with Android, and the highest so far in the event that it were a smartphone; and a processor clockeado to 1.5 GHz.

The results obtained in the GLBenchmark, in Egipt Offscreen Test are 121.1fps and 110.5fps Pro, 720 p resolution, as we can see below. Taken reference, the HTC One X, to be of the same brand, respectively reached values of 64.8fps and 94.8fps. This is why that same processor Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 we’re seeing now is not expected, but a version turbo, the MSM8960T, accompanied by a 320 Adreno GPU.

Returning to the screen, we might think that it is ready to compete against the Galaxy Note Terminal (2?), of which already had been rumored is something months ago, or perhaps a tablet, having reserved those 126 pixels wide that are unnecessary for the digital keypad, as that you have seen in Nexus 7.

So far from clear, apart from the fact that HTC is brought something very appreciates between hands, although we are still not in a position to know what is, or that markets will come, or like, or when. ┬┐Apuestas?