Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

The unique island state of India, located in the Bay of Bengal, 1400 km from the mainland. There are not so many resorts here, but those that exist are beyond praise. The islands are famous for their wonderful climate, amazing rich vegetation, privacy and “environmental friendliness”. In addition, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a closed zone, the territory of national reserves, to visit which you need to obtain a separate permit.

According to, the total number of islands is about 570, of which 550 are in the Andaman Islands. There are only about 40 inhabited in the territory, including 26 in the Andaman part; about 10 islands are open for tourists. The capital and largest city is Port Blair. The major cities are Diglipur, Rangat and Mayabunder.


tropical, minimum temperature +23 °C, maximum +31 °C. humidity – 70-90%. The best time to visit is October-May. From May to mid-September, and from November to mid-December is the rainy season. In late summer, strong storms are frequent, causing serious destruction.

The sea and the sun:

Corbin Bay is the best beach near Port Blair. This is a small area of ​​soft white sand, hidden from the eyes of strangers by a green palm canopy. There is a good restaurant, guesthouse and resort hotel Peerless Resort.

viper island

a tiny quiet island inside the harbor of Port Blair. The beaches of the island are sandy, the rest of the territory is covered with greenery. Havelock Island is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, the most popular of which are Vijayanagar and Radhanagar. Clear water and spectacular coral reefs, as well as numerous marine life, including dolphins, turtles and large fish, attract many tourists to the island. There is a dive center on Vijayanagar Beach.


is located in the northern part of the Middle Andaman, 136 km from Port Blair. This is a nice quiet beach, a place where large turtles lay their eggs.

Diglipur Island

(136 km from Port Blair) is famous for the sandy beach of Ramnagar, where fragrant orange trees grow, and under the water you can see hundreds of amazing fish and other marine life. The island is crossed by the only Kaplong River in the entire archipelago.

Rutland Island

suitable place for eco-tourism. There you can stay in the small cottages of Totani Resort, and, after unpacking and having a bite, you can immediately explore the mangroves and coral reefs.

Neil Island

quieter than Havelock and famous for good beaches and snorkeling opportunities. Baratang Island is attractive for its atmosphere, preserved from ancient times in its original form.

Barren Island

volcanic, the only one in all of India. Long Andaman is ideal for a Robinson Crusoe-style holiday: there is no civilization on it, you need to bring all the equipment and food with you. Finally, Little Andaman will appeal to surfers.

Diving and snorkeling

The best diving is on Havelock Island, in the national park. Gandhi and South Sinque. Snorkeling at North Bay, MuaTerra Beach and Havelock Island. Equipment is inexpensive and can be bought or rented.
On the island of Jolly Buoy you can take a ride on a glass bottom boat.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

Port Blair is the capital of the state, famous for its white-sand beaches located near the city center, as well as a large dive center, an anthropological, forestry and maritime museum, the historic Cellular Prison building, now turned into a National Memorial. More than 3,000 species of plants can be seen on the islands, including 150 species of ferns, 100 species of orchids, a variety of palms and fruit trees. Countless colorful fish swarm in the underwater coral forests. In addition, there are 96 reserves and 9 National Parks on the islands.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

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