Analysis Shoes Shimano R107

After so many years in the cycling market doubt anyone of the great quality of the Shimano shoes, mountain biking or road mode.

Analysis Shoes Shimano R107 1

Today Analyze The Shoes Shimano R 107.

The R-107 Shimano shoes as described in footwear types are shoes that offer all the performance of the technology inherited from the competition on road. The Shimano R 107 has the technology of anchor to the SPD-SL pedal, with an effective transfer of power.

Model R107 shoe is a shoe with a minimalist design, which adapt perfectly to the foot providing a better efficiency in pedalling through the new system Shimano Dynalist.

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SPD technology stabilizes the foot and fix the r107 shoe and distributes more evenly shape pedal forces to take advantage of all the power of the pedal stroke. Incorporates a hidden Cove allows you to walk comfortably.

Shimano model has manufactured R-107 with a new type of soleplate offering 11 additional mm adjustment range to help the user to find the ideal fit of the shoe with the pedal.

In addition, the R107 shoes have asymmetrical closure strips that relieve pressure points. The careful design to taken into account everything needed for foot perspiration including holes for ventilation and exit which help to keep the feet dry and fresh.

Analysis Shoes Shimano R107 3

Shimano Recommend The Use Of The R-107 With Shimano 105 Pedals For Seamless Integration

Shoes Shimano R107 has a weight of only 493 g and a price less than 90 euros for this reason have become one of the top sales of the brand.

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The Best Cheap MTB Shoes of the Moment

This time we bring you a selection of the best cheap MTB shoes of the moment.

Footwear is a fundamental element for the practice of mountain biking. A specific shoe for this discipline transmit security and confidence on the bike, since they allow a greater grip and greater stability in the same.

They are also an element of important protection against possible shock with stones, branches or any other obstacle that you find along the way. With them you will live conditions conditions of heat in summer and cold in winter. It is also possible that, due to the technical difficulty of some sections, you have to take foot to land and walk with them sunsets while you drag the bike.

It is the sum of all these factors that you take care of your choice when purchasing a MTB sneakers. In this guide, we present some of the best models of the moment. We hope that you enjoy it!

Comparative table and prices

Tips to keep in mind

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before buying a MTB shoe. After reading them you will have clear criteria that you must follow before you opt for a model or another.

  • The closure of the shoe is important in the sense that no press the instep of your foot. Most of the shoes include a velcro closure, although some models focusing on comfort have a lace-up closure.
  • It is important that your shoe has reinforcements in the form of guards at the toe and heel. This will allow you to have the foot protected at all times from any hit with a stone, a branch…
  • The sole of the shoe will determine how it will be comfortable and if you can walk with her. If you are starting and you spend more time down the bike than on it, it is a flexible outsole that allows you to walk. On the other hand, if you never support the foot on the ground, ideally a rigid sole which don’t miss energy during the pedal stroke.
  • When you buy a MTB shoe, it is recommended that you do with a size greater than that usually dress up. In addition to thicker socks are used, the models usually have smaller sizes.

Our opinions, the best MTB shoes

Spiuk Rocca MTB – unisex shoes

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 9:08 am GMT

  • Sole XC-S great rigidity and lightness. Polyamide base with knobs in high resistance and protective extension of the forefoot TPU
  • Three bands of adjustment with Velcro
  • Optimum ventilation through areas of fabric mesh and perforated areas
  • (Size 43) weight: 720 gr
  • Synthetic cover of high-strength, adaptability and ease of cleaning. Textured toe and heel reinforcements

When you talk about products of cycling it doesn’t mean that the most sophisticated is the most effective. Something he thought the Spiuk company designing shoes for mountain bike Spiuk rock. It’s a model that stands out for the simplicity of its structure.

The Spiuk Rocca slippers are made with resistant and light materials. The outer cover is made from synthetic materials of high strength and adaptability. At the top the shoe has several vents made holes so the shoe breathe inside. Therefore, it is a shoe that adapts well to the months of greater heat.

One of the main features of the Spiuk Rocca is its versatility: are used for relaxing outings, demanding workouts or competitions in which you have to give everything. The sole is made of fibreglass and polyamide compound. In addition, has a base of nylon tread and rigid in TPU’s remarkable strength and grip.

Both part of the heel and the toe feature several reinforcements to protect the foot from possible hits. The closure of the shoe is through strips of velcro (three on each foot). As for the colors, note that there are various designs ranging from flashy colors, that likes to be seen, to discrete colors for which you want to pass unnoticed.

In general we can say that it is a versatile and comfortable shoe for any situation. The sole has enough stiffness so as not to lose power in each pedal stroke. Its main downside is that the carvings are somewhat small: should ask one number more that is commonly used.

Shimano SPD SH XC31L adults mountain sneakers

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 9:08 am GMT

  • The template with adjustable boost adapts to a variety of foot shapes
  • Shimano Dynalast impresses with its precise fit and improves pedal efficiency
  • Outsole with grains of dirt repellent polyurethane arch support planting for an efficient pedaling
  • With interchangeable plugs

The XC31 are one of those models of shoe MTB Shimano that endure over time. Shimano has catalogued this shoe with a five on the scale comfort – competition. This means that it is situated at an intermediate point between sneakers designed for walk and sneakers designed for competition.

The simplicity of its design is one of the most striking aspects. This model is available in black and in a version in white. Closing and adjustment of shoes is made by three heavy-duty velcro strips scattered throughout the upper surface of the shoe.

The shoe is made in mesh and synthetic leather. These materials have been specially designed to care for stretch resistance and the length of the shoe. Furthermore, the sole is made of polyamide and boasts several fiberglass reinforcements.

The outsole also has polyurethane which act as a repellent in the mud at the base of the shoe. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of mud on the cleats when you support the foot ashore.

This shoe has several Shimano technologies such as the CX and the synthetic leather strips. As we have explained above, the faux fur is lighter, more resistant and more durable than natural furs. For its part, the strips CX (velcro closures) has an optimized design to release tension in the foot during the thrust movement.

In summary: the XC31 is a sober and elegant model designed to mix comfort and performance. It is a shoe designed especially for the cross country whose resistance and comfort is guaranteed by Shimano.

Shimano SH-MT34L black mens 2015 sneakers

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 9:08 am GMT

  • Shovel: synthetic leather and mesh fine flexible stretch-resistant; Closing classic lace-up for a uniform tension and better comfort when walking. ; Side design conceived to ensure a precise fit.
  • Shape: Volume Tour structure for optimum adjustment at the level of the toes
  • Outsole: Rigid plate polyamide reinforced with fiberglass for optimal stiffness of the sole; Midsole of EVA and additional rubber outsole which improves pedaling efficiency and comfort when walking. The cleat positioning system facilitates its use for even novice cyclists, with SPD technology. Suggested foot: PD-M324.

There are thousands and thousands of cyclists who have sworn eternal love to Shimano after testing MT34 shoes. It is a very comfortable shoe designed to spend hours and hours with them put on our mountain bike.

Design level the Shimano MT34 can go through sneakers to walk by mountain thanks to its thin and flexible mesh design. This material is resistant to stretch thanks to its synthetic leather.

The MT34 are a MTB shoe listed as one of the models comfort of Shimano. Do you mean this? Because that are suitable both for cycling and sticking big kicked walk while you drag your bike for inaccessible places.

That is why in this shoe Cove is hidden in the sole. And tell lies because it goes into a small opening that leaves a sole completely uniform and level to facilitate the tread when it comes to walk with them sunsets. This model of shoe is available with lace-up closure and in two colors: black and blue.

The shape of the shoe features a design Volume Tour, which provides an optimal fit on the tip of your fingers. It also highlights the fiberglass-reinforced polyamide sole.

In general we can say are an ideal shoe for those who begin with this type of footwear or for those who make their first outings by bike. With sunsets will give the same walk or go cycling: your foot will always be protected and comfortable.

Shoes Northwave Spike Evo Neon 2016

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 9:08 am GMT

  • PU with rear
  • JAWS sole
  • Advanced performance sole
  • 2 straps
  • Integrated heel

Northwave Spike Evo MTB shoes are an attractive option because of the excellent services that offer (that Yes, at a slightly higher price). This model is characterized by its high level of comfort and light weight (only weighing about 350 grams).

The sole has a drawing made natural rubber Jaws. This sole allows a better grip on all kinds of surfaces. The closures, the shoe has three Velcro that spread adequately pressure the upper part of the foot. This setting allows the adaptation of the shoe and ease of use.

The shoe also has reinforcements at toe and heel to keep feet protected from blows with stones or other obstacles. Also has an interesting system of ventilation that guarantee breathability and a system padded on the inside of the heel whose structure allows an excellent adjustment of toe shoes if the need to use external elements as templates.

In short, the Northwave Spike evo are attractive sneakers in terms of design, light and comfortable. They are especially designed for fans who come to enjoy without major objectives of competitive mountain biking.

Spiuk Uhra MTB – unisex shoes

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 9:08 am GMT

  • Sole of fibreglass and polyamide XC-S, rigid and light, with inputs and outputs of air
  • Using two strips of velcro adjustment
  • Grid High-Flow 1, very breathable and waterproof fabric
  • Weight (size 43): 830 g
  • Reinforcements in toe and heel

The Spiuk Uhra slippers go halfway between shoes designed for competition and designed shoes to enjoy the MTB. In these factors such as comfort and stiffness are combined so that they can be used in almost any situation. The first thing that stands out is that they are available in three colours: white and violet; black and green and white and red.

The shoe cover has a simple design and is composed of the system Airing Shell System, which guarantees an excellent breathability and easy cleaning. The closures are in the form of Velcro. In total there are two in each shoe that fit and are easily adapted to the foot. These two velcros are asymmetric, which gives the design a particular aesthetic.

In relation to reinforcements, this shoe has heel and toe to protect the foot to impacts. On the other hand the sole is made of rubber and employs ergonomic and antibacterial.

In addition to Airing system, the outer surface has several inlets in the form of grids by around the instep. The tongue is also perforated to ensure correct foot breath.

Broadly in MTB Spiuk Uhra sneakers we find a model with excellent performance and warranty which always provides us with the Spanish firm. It is a comfortable shoe in the range average Spiuk catalog and at a price more than affordable.


Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 9:08 am GMT

  • contagripa®
  • Energy Terra Grip outsole
  • Ergo Fit 3d Ortholitea®
  • Tongue Ergo Comfort +
  • Ratchet Ergo

In terms of design the Mavic Crossride Elite shoes are very similar to the Shimano MT34 we analyzed more lines above. It is a model designed in the comfort of the foot and the comfort of the rider.

The sole of the shoe is made of the Contagrip technology, which provides excellent grip in all kinds of areas. The Contagrip is a type of rubber that guarantees good flexibility and good support on each tread if it is that you will not mounted on the bicycle. Also, the sole has an intermediate part made with EVA foam to ensure convenience and efficiency in each pedal stroke.

The closure of the shoe is made using cords. In addition, the own shoe features a reinforced shank that fits precisely at the foot. There is also a series of reinforcements made of neoprene which give this area greater support and greater stability in the ankle area. There are also reinforcements on the heel and at the tip of the shoe.

Finally, we cannot forget that this shoe has an insole, dual-density Ortholite compound made. This ensures a good padding for foot, especially when you have to walk along roads and trails by dragging the bike.

In short: as with the Shimano MT34, these shoes are the perfect choice for those seeking comfort rather than performance. They are therefore ideal for cyclists and for everyone who does long outings in bicycle looking for enjoy the sport and the environment that surrounds you.

That’s all for today, we hope that you have been useful. If you have any comments, no other os! We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook : will share tips, advice and comparative.