All Style: Roman Dials are the Musthave of the Season

Watches do not only live by their shape but also the different characteristics and designs of the dials. And today we are devoting ourselves to the current trend, namely the Roman numerals . These actually belong to the classics. Just the Cartier watches are known for their timeless and classic design with Roman numerals.

But that this trend would also be the case with the rather medium-priced watches and mod brands, was not clear for a long time. But now you see these beautiful timepieces more and more and there has developed a regular trend. The classic but nevertheless individual design of these watches makes them very sought-after objects. They radiate something so noble and special that one can not escape them anyhow.

Many brands like Armani, Tommy, Hilfiger, esprit Jacques Lemans, Seiko, Tissot or Boss have put these watches into their current collections. The trend trend La Mer Collections also has watches with Roman numerals. The ladies watch Riviera is, as is typical for La Mer, equipped with a wrap bracelet, which is supplemented by beautiful charm pendant. A really pretty eye catcher like me. In the meantime, pocket watches are not only reserved for the grandfathers, but also make a nice necklace on a pretty chain. Of course fitting to the subject with Roman numerals and I would particularly mention the pocket watch T-Pocket by Tissot, which by its brushed stainless steel case and the white dial looks noble and sporty at the same time. Whoever thinks that these watches are only for the female sex, is a great mistake. Seiko trumps with a classic black dial and a black leather strap, while friends of stainless steel bracelets get their money’s worth.