Accumulators Compulsive

Accumulators Compulsive

The accumulators compulsive are individuals, mostly the elderly or patients with anxiety disorder, who suffer from a psychological disorder that causes the desire to accumulate objects, or animals, in excess and without the need.

Usually the objects accumulated are random, and found in the garbage, but the patient sees them as may be necessary in the future or may even have monetary value high. In addition, they are unable to throw in the trash any kind of thing, even if you already do not have utility or be dangerous.

Characteristics of the accumulators compulsive


The characteristics of the accumulators compulsive can be difficult to identify and, generally, patients can be confused with collectors, however the main differences are:

  • Add things that are unnecessary and without value;
  • Do not keep the things organized and tidy;
  • Accumulate objects for all locations of the house;
  • Have many domestic animals, without the food or shelter.

Usually, the patients accumulators compulsive are individuals who become isolated because they are ashamed of their situation and appearance of your home, it may also happen that people who live with them are not able to live in the same conditions. Thus, the accumulators have higher chances of developing other psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, or infections.


Treatment for accumulators compulsive

The treatment for accumulators compulsive can be done through behavioral therapy, the psychologist seeks to find out the cause of the anxiety that is causing the desire to save things. However, this treatment can take several years to take effect since it requires a lot of dedication from the patient.

The remedies antidepressants can also be used to complement the treatment, helping the patient to avoid the desire of accumulation is compulsorily retired.

Typically the accumulators compulsive do not seek treatment because they do not perceive that their condition is an illness, so that family and friends take a very important role in helping the person to heal.

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