A Brief Tour of California

A Brief Tour of California

America’s Golden State is packed with world-famous landmarks. Before you travel, it is therefore useful to first see which attractions you certainly do not want to miss. We’re happy to give you some tips to help you move forward, from beautiful natural beauty to vibrant cities and theme parks for the whole family.

Driving Around In And Around California

America is huge and the best transport to see as much as possible is therefore a rental car. It takes you from place A to place B and you have the freedom to stop wherever you want along the way. The roads in the US are somewhat wider and motorists also drive fairly quietly. The speed limit on the highway is 105-110 km/h and in the city 56 km/h. The maximum speeds are well indicated along the roads and you must actually adhere to them: the American police will take tough action against traffic offenders. California is a great state for cruising as long as you obey the traffic laws.

Highway 1 is a beautiful coastal road that you really should follow. It is the road that runs from Los Angeles to San Francisco through Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach and Santa Cruz. There are plenty of small coastal towns with wide beaches here to make a stop. It is one of the most beautiful routes in the United States and regularly offers beautiful views of the sea.

According to Ebizdir, Route 66 is one of the most historic highways in the world, despite the fact that the route was officially closed in 1985. Much of the road is still there, which is why many visitors still venture part of this road trip. The route starts in Chicago and ends at Santa Monica Beach. During the 4000 km you travel, you will cross eight states and countless landscapes. Along the way you eat in typical American diners, stay in motels and drive past world-famous sights such as the Grand Canyon: a true American experience.

Feast your eyes on San Francisco and Los Angeles

San Francisco is located on the coast and is built on 43 hills. In this colorful city you will find beautiful Victorian houses, but also the historic trams that run over these hills. One of the most notable landmarks is the Golden Gate Bridge. So get into your rental car and drive over the long, red bridge that you have probably admired in numerous films. The towering skyscrapers and other impressive buildings define the city’s famous skyline. Baker Beach is a lovely beach where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. An interesting museum and national park is the infamous Alcatraz prison where Al Capone once stayed. The prison can only be reached by boat.

Los Angeles is known for the movie industry and Hollywood. Along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street are more than 2,500 stars with the names of celebrities from the worlds of film, television, music, radio and theater. If you drive through Beverly Hills, you have the chance to spot famous movie stars, you can shop all day in the shopping street Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Pier with the theme park Pacific Park is the pleasant end point of Route 66.

Trek through the beautiful national parks

Death Valley is a beautiful desert-like valley and the driest area in the US. The temperature here sometimes rises to 47°C. You drive here along imposing mountains, rocks, canyons, sand dunes and vast sand plains. The sunrises and sunsets you experience here are an experience you will not soon forget. The panoramic view from Dante’s Peak is unparalleled, but you should also not pass by the old volcanic crater Ubehebe and the colored mountains of Artist’s Pallet.

Yosemite National Park is home to some of the state’s most amazing wildlife combinations on 3,080 square feet. You walk along beautiful waterfalls, wild rivers and granite rock formations. The giant sequoias that grow here are sometimes 83 meters high. You can rest at the Tunnel View from which you have beautiful views of the rock formations El Capitan, Bridalveil Falls and Half Dome.

Lay out your towel on one of California’s most beautiful beaches

Lively boulevards with cozy terraces, extensive sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees or rocks and spectacular sea views: this is what you will find on the beaches of California.

Monterey Beach is located south of San Francisco and has incredibly clear water. It is surrounded by beautiful rock formations, making both the beach and the view from it picturesque. Near this beach is also Carmel River State Beach, a beach in a lagoon where the Carmel River flows. You have to walk a bit to reach this beach, but it is certainly worth the effort to enjoy the surroundings on a picturesque stretch of beach.

The most famous beaches are Venice Beach and Laguna Beach. Venice Beach is a hip beach with palm trees and bike paths, where artists also sell art. From here you can walk to the famous Santa Monica Beach and its world-famous pier in just a few minutes with a delicious ice cream in hand. Laguna Beach is California’s most beautiful beach and is surrounded by palm trees, small parks and has a boardwalk. Great to enjoy the fun for a day.

Venice Beach

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