7 Ways to Help Your Friend Get Out of Depression

7 Ways to Help Your Friend Get Out of Depression

When a friend or family is depressed, what can be done to help him get out of the depression are small actions that can make all the difference as not to judge his reasons, does not minimize the pain that he is feeling and always stay in contact.

Some other tips that can help you live with a depressed person, to help her get out of depression, are:

1. Understand what is depression

The depression is a emotional illness that needs medical treatment, because it is necessary to take remedies antidepressants, on the advice of the psychiatrist or neurologist, in addition to be followed up with a psychotherapist or psychologist, to be able to talk about the issues in order to cure depression faster. But in the day-to-day, a good conversation with a friend can also contribute to a better day.

During a crisis depressed the person has moments of ups and downs and this is normal, you get excited thinking that your friend is improving, and 2 days later notice that he is again in the bottom of the well. These changes are normal and expected, but tend to be less obvious when the person is coming out of the depression.

2. Show your concern with the pain of another

No matter the reason that you left your friend depressed, the best way to show you care is to ask how he is, as has been seen in the last few days and what are the tasks you need to complete, for example. A practical way you can offer to help with the house duties or daily tasks.


3. Have the time to be together

It is normal for a depressed person want to withdraw from others and prefer to stay locked alone in the room, sleeping most of the time. This is an attempt to escape from reality, but that does not work as a form of treatment. You can offer to go to his house or to meet to go to a quiet place, where they may be in contact with nature.

A depressed person does not like too much noise, or be very close to other people, but to be a park where you have trees and grass, can be a good time to unwind the mind and talking a little bit.

4. Understand your feelings

When a person is depressed and someone asks if all is well, it may be that the response is a flurry of problems and you do not have the obligation to resolve any of them. A good posture at that moment, is knowing how to say words of comfort like ‘I’m sorry’, or ‘I would imagine the size of his pain’. To be sincere is all that a friend depressed want to, but this is not always easy for him.

The conversations are important, but also need not be afraid of short periods of silence. A hug or a tear of solidarity can be the most beautiful expression of love that you can give to your friend, being sometimes more valid than words in the wind as ‘you’ll get out of that’. Be understood is one of the greatest desires of any person who is facing a depression.

5. Keep in touch

Social networks can be very superficial and, sometimes, the phrases are misinterpreted, so the best time to talk is taking time to be side by side. But throughout the day you can send voice messages, emoticons or short messages written by the messenger or whatsapp, for example.


6. Bring the food to him

A person in depression can get next ones by the food and spending the whole day eating everything you see from the front, or you can simply spend the day without eating absolutely nothing. None of the 2 options is healthy, so you can take a sandwich healthy with wholegrain bread, white cheese, tomato and basil leaves, fresh, for example.

Foods rich in tryptophan are excellent options to help any person to get out of pressure. Good examples are tomato, banana and walnuts, but you can be acomplete list here.

The consumption of the biomass of green banana is a great home remedy for depression. Just put about 5 bananas green in a pressure cooker, cover with water and let cook for about 10 minutes. Then peel the bananas and beat them in a blender adding a minimum amount of water. The following put this ‘puree’ green banana in cups of ice and store in the freezer or freezer. Add 1 cubie of this the biomass of green banana in each one of the meals.

7. Walk with him

A half-hour walk in the open air, especially when the sun is mild, it is a great way to find time to talk and improve the self-esteem of him. The benefits of walking include the release of serotonin in the bloodstream and will make the two feel as well. When you are going to be gentle, but do not leave your friend depressed to be looking only to the ground.

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