6 Time Management Tips to Do Your Dissertation Abroad

6 Time Management Tips to Do Your Dissertation Abroad

Are you or intend to take an undergraduate or postgraduate course outside of Brazil? Then there will surely come a time when you must dedicate yourself to producing some type of completion work to finish your training. Usually this work consists of a research project or, in other words, a dissertation abroad on a topic of the student’s choice. Producing this type of work can potentially be a stressful experience, but only if you don’t know how to manage your time efficiently.

Many people, just because they feel that the time to produce this work is big enough, end up pushing with their bellies and leaving to start thinking about this very important part of the course when the deadline is close to the end. But you don’t want to be one of those people, do you? The big secret is trying to meet the deadlines and, to help you with that, we have separated these 6 time management tips to do your dissertation abroad.

6 Time Management Tips to Do Your Dissertation Abroad

1. Create a timeline for your dissertation abroad

Whether on a calendar, on a piece of paper or even on your phone, creating a timeline (“ timeline ”) is an excellent way to track your progress. To do this, divide your dissertation into several sections and decide on an approximate time for each one to finish. But be careful: it is important to be realistic about these times, otherwise you will not follow them or you will quickly become mentally exhausted.

Setting realistic goals can help you feel motivated and less stressed, as you will be sharing all the work in a more achievable way and will not be overwhelmed.

2. Structure regular times during the week to write your dissertation

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to write your dissertation every day, as long as you do it regularly. Set a structured time to work on your dissertation – just as you do, for example, to do your physical exercises. Although it is important to dedicate some time to your dissertation, it is always worth remembering that the most important thing is the quality of the work you will produce and not the number of hours you will spend doing it.

That said, some people are more productive in the morning and in the afternoon and others prefer a more irregular work pattern, for example, at night or at dawn. So decide what is best for you and try to create a kind of production routine within that preference.

3. Do your research

Start by making a list of the sources you want to use in your dissertation abroad. Use your supervisor’s suggestions and access your university library to see what books are available. Also use online resources: Google Scholar , for example, is a good place to do this type of research.

The next step is to start reading your sources, making sure to take notes and record titles and page numbers. This will make it much easier in the future when you need to refer to these sources.

4. Prioritize your tasks

Prioritizing is the key when it comes to writing dissertations! Decide what the most important tasks are and make them your top priorities (and don’t forget to see in your timeline the parts that need to be completed first).

Write a list of smaller, less time-consuming tasks, so that when you need a break from what you’re doing, you can get back to them. That way, you will be productive even when you are procrastinating. It can also be good to have a notebook on hand to write down any interesting ideas that come up while you are writing, so you can come back to them later.

5. Keep your supervisor informed

To write your dissertation abroad, you will have a supervisor who will guide you throughout your project. These people will usually be available to help you with any problems that may arise. So don’t hesitate to ask questions and answer questions when they arise.

It is also important to keep your supervisor up to date on everything that is being done. Reporting your progress will be a motivation not only for you but also for him and, in addition, you will still be able to receive several useful feedbacks for the development and improvement of your research / project.

6. Just write

How you will produce your dissertation abroad will depend entirely on you. Some people prefer to finish all their research before starting to write, while others prefer to start writing and continue their research when necessary.

Remember that when you start writing, it may seem obvious that you need to do more research; therefore, allow enough time for this in your schedule. You can also start writing and immediately realize that this is far from your best job. But even if that’s the case, keep going! Never forget that the seemingly not-so-good times can also be moments of progress. And there will always be the possibility to edit and make improvements at other times.

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