5 Tips to Cope With the Psychological Pregnancy

5 Tips to Cope With the Psychological Pregnancy

Psychotherapy, to avoid thinking to get pregnant all the time and keep the anxiety under control, are some ways to deal with the psychological pregnancy, which can happen in women anxious wanting to get pregnant or who suffer from problems such as depression or infertility.

The psychological pregnancy, also known as pseudociese can be diagnosed with a pregnancy test or ultrasonography, since, although the symptoms of pregnancy as the growth of the belly and the breasts may be present, there is no fetus developing in the uterus of the woman. Get to know all of the symptoms of psychological pregnancy by clicking here.

Thus, the main strategies to deal with the psychological pregnancy include:

1. Treatment with the Psychologist

In some cases the negative results of the exams of pregnancy are not enough to convince the woman that she is not pregnant, being necessary to start therapy sessions with a psychologist. In these therapy sessions, the psychologist in addition to find out the reason behind the psychological pregnancy, will help women to cope better with the situation, helping to overcome the problem.

In some cases, the woman may even stay deeply disgusted, sad and disappointed with the absence of pregnancy, which can lead to permanent sadness and depression, and in these cases it is necessary to follow-up with a psychiatrist.


2. Stop thinking about getting pregnant all the time

Stop thinking about getting pregnant all the time is one of the factors that can easily lead to psychological pregnancy. This is why it is very important not to only focus on it, keeping your mind busy and distracted with other activities.

In addition, practicing regular physical exercise such as yoga, pilates or swimming, for example, can also be quite useful, as it helps to relax and distract the mind. In addition also brings well-being and improves self-esteem.

3. Try to control the anxiety and desire to get pregnant

Anxiety is one of the reasons that often leads to the emergence of a psychological pregnancy and in most cases it is caused by the intense desire of becoming pregnant or by the pressure caused by the family or by the society.

So, the important thing is to keep the anxiety under control using if possible natural remedies such as tea of passionflower, valerian, rosemary, chamomile, or herb-of-cats, which are plants with medicinal properties, soothing and relaxing.

In addition, in the most serious cases may even be necessary to do medical treatment with a psychiatrist, where they can be prescribed medicine to control the anxiety as Diazepam, Alprazolam or Lorazepam for example. Know that home remedies and pharmacy can treat anxiety Remedies for Anxiety.


4. Treat infertility and early menopause

Women who suffer from infertility or who enter menopause early can have psychological pregnancy if they wish to become pregnant and feel that their time is ending. In these case the best solution is to consult immediately your gynecologist when you think that you are not able to get pregnant, so that you can be recommended the best treatment.

A large part of the cases of infertility or early menopause the treatment involves the replacement of hormones with hormone therapy.

5. Resolve marital problems

Sometimes, the presence of marital problems or history of relationships that ended in abandonment or separation leads to fears constants and insecurities, that may end up causing a psychological pregnancy.

In these situations, it is very important to solve all marriage problems and try not to see the past as an example. In addition, pregnancy should never be seen as a way to hold a relationship, because that kind of thinking will bring anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem.


In addition, in more serious cases it may be necessary to do tests to find out if there are hormonal problems, it may be necessary to start therapy with hormones that must be indicated and accompanied by the gynecologist.

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