5 Signs That Indicate Suicidal Behavior

5 Signs That Indicate Suicidal Behavior

Suicidal behavior typically arises as a consequence of a psychological illness is not treated, as is the case of severe depression, stress syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, or schizophrenia, for example.

This type of behavior has been increasingly frequent in people under 29 years of age, being a cause of death more important than the HIV virus, affecting more than 12 thousand people per year in Brazil.

This type of behavior can be avoided, especially when family members or friends can identify it and help the person to start appropriate treatment. This is because, in most cases, the person is not able to identify other solutions to the emotional crisis that is passing. A good option is to connect to the Center of Appreciation of Life, by dialing 188.

1. Show sadness, stress and isolation

Be often sad and unwilling to participate in activities with friends or do what you did in the past are some of the symptoms of depression, which, when not treated, is one of the main causes of suicide.

Usually, the person is not able to identify who is suffering from depression and think only that is not being able to deal with other people or with work, which, over time, end up leaving the person depressed and with no will to live.


2. Change the behavior, or dress up clothes different

A person with suicidal thoughts can behave in a different way than usual, speaking of another way, leaving be able to understand the mood of a conversation, or even participating in activities at risk, such as using drugs, having intimate contact unprotected or driving at great speed.

In addition, as in most of the times already there is no interest for the life, it is common that you leave give attention to the way she dresses or looks after, using old clothes, dirty or letting your hair grow and the beard.

3. Deal pending

When someone is thinking of suicide is common to start doing various tasks to try to organize his life and to finish outstanding issues, as you would if you were traveling for a long time or to live in another country. Some examples are visiting relatives not seen for a long time, to pay small debts or to provide various personal objects, for example.

In many cases, it is also possible that the person spend a lot of time writing, which can be a testament or even a farewell letter. Sometimes, these cards can be discovered before the suicide attempt, and helping prevent that from happening.

4. Demonstrate calm the sudden

Demonstrate a calm demeanor and carefree after a period of great sadness, depression, or anxiety, may be a sign that the person is thinking about suicide. This happens because the person thinks to have found the solution to your problem, but if you feel so worried.

Many times, these periods of calm can be interpreted by the family as the recovery phase of depression and, therefore, may be difficult to identify, and should always be evaluated by a psychologist to ensure that there are no suicidal ideas.


5. Making threats of suicide

Most of the people who are thinking about suicide will tell a friend or family member of your intentions. Although this behavior, is often seen as a way of attracting attention, should never be ignored, especially if the person is living a phase of depression or major changes in your life.

How to help and prevent suicide

When you suspect that someone may be suicidal, the most important is to show love and empathy for this person, trying to understand what is happening and what feelings are associated with. So, do not be afraid to ask the person if she is feeling sad, depressed, and, even if you are thinking about suicide.

After, you should seek help from a qualified professional such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, to try to show the person that there are other solutions to your problem, not the suicide. A good option is to connect to the Center of Appreciation of Life, connecting you to the number 188, which is available 24 hours a day.

Suicide attempts are, in the majority of the time, impulsive and, therefore, to prevent a suicide attempt, you must also remove all material that can be used to suicide, such as guns, pills or knives, of the places where that person spends more time. This avoids the behaviors of impulsivity, making you have more time to think about a solution less aggressive to the problems.

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