5 Reasons to Study at a Community College

5 Reasons to Study at a Community College

If you are not very familiar with the U.S. education system, a community college is a higher education institution that offers two-year courses, known as associate degrees (similar to technical courses). There are numerous community colleges in the United States and also in Canada, many of which offer high quality higher education. Many people even choose to study at a community college before transferring to a “standard” university to complete the course.

Community colleges generally have open enrollment, which means that anyone who has completed high school is eligible to enroll. This makes them a great option for those who wish to study in the USA, but have not reached the average grade required for a “top” university. Still not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons why studying at a community college can be a great option for you!

1. More time to choose

Do you want to exchange and want to continue your studies, but still don’t know exactly which course you want to take? In that case, studying at a community college may be your best option! This is because this type of institution will allow you more time to explore your options and, ultimately, make a good choice. All of this without having to stand still until you can decide!

In addition, if you are able to make your choice before even finishing your course at community college, you will still be able to request a transfer to a “standard” institution.

Arapahoe Community College, Colorado

2. Receive quality education

Although they are often underestimated, most community colleges offer quality education, with many of them employing teachers who also teach at “normal” universities. In most cases, community college offers the same level of quality for basic classes in an area (which are also offered in other types of institutions).

Classes at community colleges tend to be smaller than at major universities, which offers better access to teachers, as well as extra attention and support if you need it. Community colleges also offer a number of valuable networking opportunities, such as trade shows and clubs, that can help you develop your career in the future.

3. Improve your grades

Not getting very good grades in high school can have a big impact on your future, as it means that you may not be accepted into the university of your dreams. But community college can offer you a second chance!

By striving during the two years that you study at a community college and obtain excellent results, you will have a second chance to enter a leading university or even to obtain a great scholarship. In addition, if you develop a good relationship with your teachers and advisors, you will also have incredible references and recommendations to include in your application for the university.

Rhode Island Community College

4. More flexible curriculum and schedules

Community college courses are designed to cater for all types of students, including working adults, which means that they generally offer a variety of study options, including evening, weekend and online courses. If you want to look for other opportunities (like English classes, for example), the flexibility of studying at a community college means that you can easily adjust your degree to your other plans.

Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan

5. It could be your chance to study in the USA

As we said earlier, community colleges have much simpler and more open selection processes. This means that if you want to do an exchange in the USA but don’t have a good GPA , high scores in the American ENEMs or enough marks in the proficiency tests, choosing to study at a community college may be the best chance to make your dream come true!

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