4 Steps to Find a Remote Stage

4 Steps to Find a Remote Stage

We have already talked here about the advantages of doing an international remote internship, especially in times of coronavirus, social isolation and restrictions on travel abroad. However, now you must be wondering how to find a remote stage, right? So rest assured (a) because we have good news: it’s easier than it looks! Check out the 4 main steps.

How to find an international remote internship?

1. Choose the area where you want to intern

It is important to think about what really motivates you professionally and what your next steps will be after completing your remote internship. For example, if you study Advertising and feel passionate about this area, you can obtain relevant professional experience during an internship at an advertising agency. However, if you are studying Literature, History or another course without a “defined” career, now is the perfect time to acquire work experience in a sector that motivates you.

Search for companies that catch your eye. In what area do they operate? Can your skills be applied in this sector? Otherwise, what do you need to learn? What skills do you need to practice? These are some questions that, depending on the answer, can take you to a specific area. From there, you already know where to start looking for a remote stage.

2. Look for vacancies on the internet

The internet will be your biggest ally here! Remember the companies you searched for? Then look on their websites or on their profiles on platforms like LinkedIn if there is any offer for a remote internship position. Don’t forget to carefully read the job specifications to make sure you fit the profile they are looking for.

You can also create a spreadsheet with all the vacancies you find and, therefore, compare each one. When doing this, take into account the specifics of each vacancy, the remuneration (or not), the reputation of the company and other variables that you consider important for your remote internship.

It is also a good idea to take a look at the companies’ social networks, such as the Instagram feed or the Facebook page. This will give you an idea of ​​what the company’s positions and approaches are, which can help you choose which company you are going to apply for and prepare for an eventual interview in a future selection process.

3. Talk to students who have already done internships at these companies

To make sure you fit the company you are going to apply to, look for former interns there to talk. Ideally, you should talk to someone who has a profile similar to yours (area, level of study, etc.). That way, you can ensure that the remote stage is beneficial for you too. To find these people, you can search on LinkedIn’s search tools, for example.

If you can’t find any former trainees, you can use company evaluation platforms such as Glassdoor, which is a website where former and current employees evaluate anonymously several companies from around the world. It also allows users to submit and view (also anonymously) salary information, as well as search and apply for jobs on the platform.

4. Apply for the remote stage

After all these processes, you have found the perfect job and company for you. The next – and last – step is to actually enroll for the remote stage. Each company can choose an application form, so you must be prepared for all of them. For example, in some cases you may have to sign up using a form on an online platform and in others you just have to send an email with your resume.

In the latter case, it is very important that your resume is adapted to the standard of the country in which the company is based. In addition, you can shape it according to the requirements of the vacancy. In that case, you can search for keywords and phrases to include in the job description and requirements listed in the ad. Think of each resume you submit as your own personal marketing campaign to impress the employer!

International remote internships are waiting for you!

While the idea of ​​a remote stage may seem strange at first, the benefits of making one far outweigh the disadvantages. For example, they require less time, since you can work from wherever you are, which means they can fit perfectly into your schedule.

Inevitably, you will learn more about the company, its industry and yourself as a professional. Of course, there will be ups and downs and sometimes you may feel frustrated, but this is an experience that can help you build resilience and become more prepared for a new professional environment.

So, if you want more in-depth help to find a remote internship or any other type of international opportunity, you can count on the support of our expert mentoring , with 100% online classes. Click here and do your profile test now!

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